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10 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Instead Of Housework

21 May, 2015

1. Coffee and Cake with a great girly friend which then rolls into a big fat fun lunch.

2. Pinning shit all over Pinterest, including pins on how to clean house in 10 minutes a day.

3. Reading for the 450th time Pride and Prejudice or To Kill A Mockingbird or anything really.  A book.  The ones where you can turn the pages and even sniff them.  The ones that you have to clip a little light to your book at night just to stay up sneaky-reading until 1 am.

4. Writing CRAZY stuff on the internet.

5. Shoe shopping with a limitless credit card that I am not paying for AND a Chupa Chups in my gob all day.

6. Shagging.

7. My 13 year old’s maths homework. …YES REALLY.

8. Being cared for at a Day to toe.

9. Trying to get sand out of my eye from the beach at Puerto Escondido.

10. Inhaling a dozen Krispy Kremes looking out the window .. whilst my children sit locked outside salivating. (THANK YOU ERIN)


BAM!  What would you rather be doing than housework?

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  • Toni21 May, 2015 at 10:13 pm

    I would rather be …
    1 : Photographing anything …..
    2 : Watching my stories 😛 (Vikings, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Wayward Pines)
    3 : Building stuff / making stuff
    4 : Sleeping
    5 : Sleeping (yes, I said it twice – I do enjoy a good nap)
    6 : Cuddling animals
    7 : Exploring anywhere
    8 : Sitting in the forest … just sitting …
    9 : Watching Random YouTube crap – like… I dunno – how to make a Material flower …
    10 : Photography while adventuring with a model wearing something I made…

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