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10 Things You Can Do For A Reflux Parent To Brighten Their Day

26 September, 2012


It is estimated at least 1 in 5 babies will suffer from the dreaded R word. (reflux that is)  With that knowledge in hand, chances are we may have someone we know now or in the future affected. These pointers will certainly help any reflux parent out no matter what stage they are at.

1. Ask … Are you ok? And listen carefully for their answer. Mainly because the baby will be screaming and it will be hard for them to tell you on so many levels. It is hard to think with all that noise and stress of a sick child.

2. Text or email if you can’t drop in. Talking on the phone is useless for a reflux Mum. You just can’t hear properly through all of the screaming mostly, let alone find a spare hand to hold the phone.

3. Ask where their washing pile is. Put a load on and/or fold a basket. Chances are if Bub is vomiting a lot you will find the pile overtaking the laundry.

4. Cook a meal and/or some healthy snacks.

5. Offer to get some groceries. Grocery stores can be a nightmare with a reflux baby. Especially if Mum is trying to eliminate foods and ingredients need to be checked on everything.

6. Take the baby outside (even if he/she is crying) and send Mum in for a long shower and/or a sleep. The baby cries for her too…give her an hour off even if it is the hardest thing you have ever done.

7. Shout them a membership to RISA. That organisation is all kids of awesome for reflux parents.

8. Buy lots of bibs and the old fashioned cloth nappies as a gift.

9. Boil the jug, find a snack and pack up Mum and Bub and take them outside. The fresh air can improve any mood and sometimes settles an upset bub.

10. Don’t doubt their parenting. Don’t suggest it is their milk supply, leave that for medical practitioners. Praise them up instead and offer to take them to medical appointments. Post Natal depression is rife amongst us reflux Mums. Keep on the look out for the signs and ensure they know you are always contactable.


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  • Anneke5 October, 2013 at 3:51 pm

    Wow I really wish I’d found this when my daughter was little and reflux-y! I would have forwarded it to everyone I knew as a not-so-subtle hint of how they could help.

    • Mrs MMM5 October, 2013 at 7:14 pm

      Oh Anneke .. I wish you had of too. Some people need the not so subtle hints full stop!

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