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10 Tips On How To Have A Happy Day – Amazing Life Hack #2

1 January, 2014

People don’t just bounce out of bed happy.  They make a choice to.

Being a Mum is tough work and I know how easy it is to be sucked into the doldrums of groundhog day.  Even on the occasional day that you do roll out of bed and feel mighty pleased with life, things can change by breakfast time when someone in our charge doesn’t feel quite the same.

So here are my tips.

#1. Keep goals for the day simple.

#2. Have no big expectations of yourself.

#3. Make fun in the mundane.  How about your favourite outfit and face full of make up even when staying home?

#4. Never compare.  Social media makes it so easy to peep into other’s lives and automatically think others have it all and your life is rubbish.  I won’t even start to tell you that they don’t have it all ..because that is a whole other post.

#5. Play music.

#6. Switch off or block out the negative.  If that is friends, family or whatever, don’t let anything steal this happy day you are having.

#7. Head outdoors.  Kids can change their entire moods when unleashed onto grass.  Take a blanket to the park and just chill out for a few hours.

#8. Screw the housework.  I know you cannot do this everyday, but if you really really really want a happy day and housework doesn’t make you happy…FORGET IT.  On the other hand, if housework is your happy zone … go for it.  Please email me also, I may have some work for you;)

#9. If one of the kids become unreasonable, deal with it promptly and move on.  Don’t dwell too much on it.  Your great mood will rub off.

#10. Do one thing that you love.  Read a book, swing in the hammock, eat chocolate ice cream, craft, watch a movie, exercise, just lay still and breathe … whatever,  just make it note worthy.

PLEASE REMEMBER : Not every day is going to be perfect.  Life just isn’t mean’t to be like that but there is no reason why even the smallest happiness can’t be found in the imperfect day.  Just stay focussed and enjoy those that you love and all that you have.


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