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10 Things Working Mums Need To Stay Happy

15 November, 2013

1. A Happy Workplace.

If you are saying goodbye to your beloved little people each morning and heading off to a workplace that sucks you dry of all positive energy, home life is going to be effected. Life is too short to put up with anything short of happiness, if you can’t change jobs, bring in your own sunshine and if others won’t join you,establish your own happiness zone. Getting back through your front door with a smile still on your face is an ultimate goal.

2. Organisation at home.

(Me bad at this one !) Keeping drawers and cupboards tidy goes along way to making life easier when your rushing to get out of the door or super tired from a big day. Discussions with 2 other ladies today have it that kids are happier and less ratty in a tidy and organised house.

3. Sense of humour. You are likely to wear your slippers to work one day. Wear them with class and style! This also goes for the toddlers porridge and toothpaste down your shirt. This also goes for the moment you discover your child has repeated impeccably words that once fell flippantly from your potty mouth.

4. Outsourcing of anything!

Cleaning, ironing .. Whatever you can reasonably afford.

5. Teach

Partner, husband, kids how to use electrical items like the dishwasher, washing machine and vacuum cleaner. Once trained, ensure their skills stay up to date with frequent exams.

6. Fold That Washing And Get It Away

I do not have a spare room to hide/stash the mountain range of clean washing, so each Sunday evening our bed is covered in all the washing to be folded and put away. Being able to find clothes during the busy week is a must. Especially school uniforms. Those bloody things have a terrible habit of entering outer space in a blink and creating absolute chaos on school mornings.

7. Steam Iron

Buy a steam iron. Many people say they don’t iron. I am really not a fan. I think everyone should take pride in their appearance. A steam iron like this ONE  I reviewed a few months ago irons your clothes a million times faster and better.

8. Frozen Meals

For those Can’t Be Asked To Cook Evenings. So the idea is, if you are cooking a meal make a double batch and freeze the other half. This works super well for spaghetti bolognese sauce and curries.

9. A Hobby

I know you are thinking I must be fricking kidding. There is no time! I am in fact serious. You my love need an extra curricular activity that you love (and you must love it) that you can pick up and put down with ease when you can squeeze some time in for yourself. When I say squeeze what I should say is you need to make some time for you. I utilise my lunch breaks and after the kids are in bed for this. Finding something you love that makes you really happy helps keep you balanced. Giving so much to everyone else needs to also come with some sort of treat for you.

10. Now part of me wants to make this one WINE. Alcohol isn’t for everyone though. So it has to be GIRLFRIENDS.

Yeap those lassies you can ring, text, email or visit and speak special Mummy business without fear of judgement or reprisal. They are the ones that back you up when you are about to loose your shit and also there for you when you need some help. Now, if you also spend time with a bottle of vino whilst debriefing with gf’s that is entirely up to you. Whilst I may be an ideas lady .. I shouldn’t encourage the headache I have this morning!

Do you have any more essentials for the busy working Mum?  Fire away … I want to hear them.

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