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2 Fabulous Kids Christmas Books [Book Review]

24 December, 2015
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We have been reading a fair few newly released Christmas books at bedtime this month.  The hype of the big man in the red suit is HUGE in our house.

I personally believe reading Christmas stories and singing christmas songs of an evening with the kids is actually better than every single fairy light hanging out on houses and tacky tinsel in shopping centres.  It not only feels good..it creates magic!

Here are our favourites from Scholastic (gifted to us) :

We’re Going On A Santa Hunt by Laine Mitchell and Louis Shea

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File 23-12-2015-2

Laine Mitchell is an Australian Author who has written several children’s books including We’re Going On a Croc Hunt and Mother’s Day favourite Mummy, You’re Special To Me.

Race with the animals as they try to deliver their letters to Santa before its all too late!  But look out for chugging trains running reindeer, busy elves and more obstacles in their way.

Sing along to the bonus CD from Jay Laga’aia also.

RRP : $19.99

Ages : 3+


Mr Darcy And The Christmas Pudding by Alex Field

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This book is for all the Jane Austin, Mr Darcy lovers out there.  Me being one myself.  Hence why my son is named Darcy.  Yes, I named my son after a Jane Austin character.

We love this story for many more reasons than the name.  The story draws on tradition and families gathering together at Christmas time.  With lovely illustrations this book is one of a 3 part Mr Darcy series ; Mr Darcy and Mr Darcy The Dancing Duck.

RRP : A$14.99

Age : 3-6 years

We were given copies of these two books for review from Scholastic.

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