Who put them there?

They have arrived.

They weren’t there a year ago and I don’t even think they were there a month ago but they are there today.

13 days from turning 35 and I have discovered lines under my eyes.

Crap. It was sure to happen, I get no freakin sleep. I drink too much coffee and not enough water and I have been taken the piss out of Queen D for his ritualistic approach to maintaining his youth.

All good ingredients to deserve some myself.

So after the discovery the other night I texted Queen D for his advice. I expected some smart remarks…I got instead this…

Lauder darling…expensive shit though.

So here I am on strawberrynet.com looking for some Lauder Darling.

No idea which Lauder will be best. Happy to spend a little but $429 for a little pot? You must be freakin kidding. I am sorry Queen D but if that’s what you use…you need to just head for the Botox babe cause the results aren’t that amazing.

So if you have a fab eye cream you use…please share …


If you are a beautician/makeup artist…tell me how to hide this crap I am seeing.

Maybe you could do a post about it or something on MMM and share your secrets with all of us.

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  • Aunty Mogg (2 years ago) Reply

    Haemarroid cream! Or is that for puffiness!

    Lines/wrinkles are signs of laughter - aren't they?

    • in reply to Aunty Mogg #2
      Modern Mummy Mayhem (2 years ago) Reply

      well maybe...I have laughed alot at a few people lately...or should I say with a few people lol

      • in reply to Modern Mummy Mayhem #3
        Suhaad (2 years ago) Reply

        My fav time of the day is as soon as I wake up listening to the kids coimng round and coimng upstairs to see me; lots of cuddles in bed before breakfast and a whole day of fun ahead of us! Love it :O)

  • saundy29 (2 years ago) Reply

    Lines wrinkles and scares are life's tattoos. I think you look beautiful. Sunscreen and a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and maybe some more sleep to help the bodies natural repairing and your good to go. :-)

    • in reply to saundy29 #2
      Modern Mummy Mayhem (2 years ago) Reply

      Oh thank you saundy29. You are very correct...it is one of those things I need to learn..be comfortable in my own skin however that may look!

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