2014 – The Year Pajama Pants In Public Were On Trend

20 January, 2014

2014 beholds many fabulous things for me. I know this. I want this year to be my shiney bright year. I am working really hard on me so no matter what, I have the best outcome … A better me.

So this involves me being more organised right ? Yes. So I joined Jana Kingsford’s Mothers Juggling Act School and absolutely loving how this lady is inspiring me to whip my shit into shape.

This week I need to be out of bed 2 hours prior to me leaving the house. Cripes that is 5am. So the last 2 mornings I have set the alarm and at least let it rouse me. I never like going hard on these sort of things. I like to work up to it. (I do also believe that my eyes don’t actually function prior to 6am). Right now I am praying for the strength tomorrow to switch that alarm off at 5 am and for my eyesight to be on the ball.

Conveniently, one of this years’ fashion trends is to wear soft pants similar to pyjama pants of yester-year out in public. I absolutely love this style and have been gathering up my pj style pants and rockin them in all sorts of situations.

Like today ..

I wore the pair in the picture above with much love and happiness.

Then it occurred to me … I could wear these babies to bed the night before then leap out of bed the next sparrows fluff early and be half dressed!

Genius. I thank the working mother fashion designer that decided the world (in particularly me) needed this. Well I don’t really know the identity, parental and work status of this person. Without a doubt though I am sure it was a lady that had to be out of her sleep sanctuary by 5am…

Do you own a pair of these pants I talk of? Tell me or better still show me in an image in the comments.


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  • Marina20 January, 2014 at 10:15 pm

    I was a little worried when I saw the link on Facebook – then I thought, as long as they are Peter Alexander’s lol!
    Teamed with a little vest and skinny T, a few beads – yeah. I could handle them 🙂

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