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2014 … Here She Comes

31 December, 2013

Can you feel it yet?

The buzz a New Year brings? Or is that just me?

This year, while I haven’t any resolutions, I have goals I want to achieve. I think my blog and I have grown up a lot this year and some pretty awesome things happened for us both. We worked hard together and really want 2014 to be the year that defines MMM.

So starting from tomorrow a new segment starts on MMM. It is called Amazing Life Hacks.

Amazing Lifea little bit of-4

It is a place where I will post lots practical advice on how to do fabulous things that are simple and won’t break the bank.

A place where I will post lots of positive energy to get your through tricky times.

A place where you maybe inspired to try something new or just do it differently.

It will make something of the mundane and allow you to step outside your zone from time to time, but SIMPLICITY will be on the menu always.

Most of all I want each and every post to throw you some keys to an Amazing Life, hence the name.

And yes it all happens to be inspired by the song by Clare Bowditch, Amazing Life. Another highlight of my year this year; hearing this lady sing.

So are you ready ? I hope so, because I am.

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