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27 Of Our Favourite Flavours

6 March, 2015

I asked the MMM Facebook tribe the other day what they like to use to flavour their dishes with.  You know the go to herb, spice or sauce that is your standard repoitre to your family favourite dishes.  The one that means the only noise that is made at the dinner table is groans of enjoyment and goodness, instead of the I HATE THIS or elbowing fights.

Mine is Italian Herbs.  I can put those into ANYTHING.  Except Ice Cream maybe.  I draw the line at sweet things flavoured with Italian Herbs, but basically anything else can do with a teaspoon or few.

I blame my Grade 8 Home Economics teacher for this.  She thought I was ingenious when I added it to my pizza dough.    I have never been with out the mixed herbs ever since.

Chatting with others about what their ‘go to’ favourite flavours are has given me some ideas to branch out a little and try the family with some different taste sensations.  (Did I just say that ?  Tackster I know.)

So look out Fams … I am off to our local herb and spice lady tomorrow to gather up more great flavours for our dishes.

1. Black pepper

2. Basil

3. Cumin

4. Sweet Paprika

5. Sea Salt

6. Chilli

7. Garlic

8. Italian Herbs

9. Vegeta

10. All Purpose Seasoning


11. Curry

12. Marjoram

13. Oregano

14. Rosemary

15. Spring Vegetable Soup

16. Chives

17. Capsicum

18. Steak Seasoning

19. Bush Spices

20. Sesame

21. Kecap Manis 

22. Sweet Chilli Sauce

23. Chicken Seasoning

25. Tomato Sauce

26. Season All

27. Parsley

Now, what dishes you throw these babies into is entirely up to you isn’t it?  So is if you buy fresh, dried or pre packed.  The thing is … if your adding your own flavours  to your dishes you can be certain no other nasties are joining your foods for the party.


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