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$$$ Saving Tips For Buying Christmas Presents

19 November, 2014

Crap. Christmas is coming.

There’s Christmas trees already up in shop windows. Your kids are saying “Can we put the Christmas tree up now, please!” but you can’t be bothered yet.

“What’s Santa bringing me for Christmas?”

uh.. Kids.. they drive you mental!

It might be too early for some with the Christmas tree installations, but it’s not too early to start thinking about how much you are going to spend and who you are buying for.

Christmas is easily a stressful time worrying about being able to afford presents, but I’ve got it sorted. Here are my top 3 tips for buying presents this year.

1. Agree with friends and family, no presents

If you are serious about saving money this Christmas with presents, take the ultimate step and discuss with your friends and family to not buy any presents. It’s a struggle, but it is possible for everyone to agree to not give presents this year. For the adults, this will save so much time wondering around stores for what to buy people like Auntie Merryl, who is obsessed with André Rieu DVDs but has them all. Folks like Auntie Merryl are impossible to buy for! You’ll miss out on the surprise and suspense of opening presents, which is a big step to take for most, but you also won’t be disappointed when you get something you don’t want.

No presents for the adults but you have to buy for the children. You can’t forget the kids, it’s their favourite time of the year! You can easily agree that the kids don’t need to miss out.

Have a think about it. Not everyone is going to agree with no presents, but if you all manage to, you can cut out a large number of gifts and spend the money on drinking to help get you through Christmas instead.

2. Find a price limit and stick to it

Set yourself a figure to spend on friends and family. Again, you can start up the conversation to all agree no more than $50 or $100 on each person. Find a price and stick to it.

The kids are where this works the best. You can easily find yourself flipping through catalogues and circling too many items to buy. So long as you make sure you don’t spend past your set price limit, you’ll save by not overspending.

3. Secret Santa

We probably are all aware of Secret Santa, where a group of people are put into a hat and each person pulls out a name, then you secretly buy them a gift for Christmas. This works best with friends and work colleagues. Secret Santa is great, with the presents normally set at a price limit that isn’t very high, plus you’re only buying one present. A great way to save and not miss out the fun with buying and receiving presents.


There you go, three great ways to save on presents this Christmas. If you have any more ideas, please leave below in the comments. Good luck with Christmas shopping everyone!

Ps. if you find any new André Rieu DVDs, seriously, let me know.. Damn Auntie Merryl, hehehe!



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