4 Things Every Sporting Club Should Have

22 June, 2015

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Sporting clubs are very often the hearts and souls of local communities; they bring everyone together to share in a spirit of collaboration. Sporting clubs are a great way to get fit, and most accept those who are just starting out in a new sport as well as those who are more seasoned. Joining such a club can also be a great way to meet new people, and it is also a great environment in which to relax and spend time with friends. Whether or not you are part of an existing sporting club or thinking of starting up a new one, read on to discover four things every sporting club should have.


Like any other business, a sporting club should have a vision for what it wants to achieve. Vision statements are usually quite broad: they focus on the future and the potential of the business and detail in what areas it wants to grow. Make sure everyone who works, volunteers and regularly visits the sporting club is aware of the club’s vision, and over the years you might even see this vision become a reality.

Great marketing

There is nothing worse than having a great club without people to fill seats, and this is where great marketing comes in handy. Marketing campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, so consider what is best for your particular club in terms of your target audience. For example, fundraisers are great for families to join in. Encourage everyone from the local community, whether they regularly visit the sporting club or not, to get involved.

Healthy food

Sporting clubs should promote a healthy lifestyle, and part of that lifestyle includes healthy food choices. This doesn’t mean only serving salads, but it might mean thinking a little more creatively than usual. Ensure that healthy alternatives are provided, even for those fast food classics like pizzas or chips. Go hunting for some exciting recipes and you might just turn your sporting club into a hub for healthy eating!

Regular cleaning

Most clubs will see a great deal of people come in and out of their doors every day, so it is important for it to stay as clean as possible. Cleaning such a large and frequently used venue is a big task. However, there is no reason to panic, because professional cleaning specialists such as AMC Commercial Cleaning can help you with keeping your club clean. Visit www.amcclean.com.au for more information.

These four tips will definitely add to the spirit and atmosphere of your sporting club, regardless of how old the club is or how many members you have. Do you own or manage a sporting club? Alternatively, do you often frequent your local sporting club? What do you think every sporting club should have? What would you improve about your sporting club if you had the chance to change something? Leave your thoughts and advice down below in the comments section—you might just help someone else out!

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