5 Chocolate Alternatives For The Kids This Easter

29 March, 2015

I have never been one to primarily by my kids chocolate eggs for Easter.  Since they were very young, they have always received a useful gift from the Easter Bunny and then some little eggs to the side.  This year I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Chocolate Alternatives for the kids this Easter.

My favourite most of all is the binoculars and bug catcher.  How much fun would these be to use while out on the family Egg Hunt Sunday morning?



LED Rabbit Night Light

$19.95 from Lime Tree Kids


Jemima Polka Dot Bunny Ears by Vintage Fairy

$27.00 from Down That Little Lane


Crawly Keeper Bug Catcher

$9.95 from National Geographic


Navir Super 40T Binoculars

$29.95 from National Geographic

The Navir Super 40T Binoculars are made from ABS plastic and come with a case, neck strap, lens covers and are equipped with a blocking system on the lens to prevent them from falling out. The binoculars provide a 3 x magnification and are suitible for children ages 4+.


Alice In Wonderland : Down The Rabbit Hole

(My review is HERE)

$12.10 (softcover) from Scholastic.

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