5 Fabulous Last Minute Christmas Presents

20 December, 2013

Now I am not one of those people that is so organised that they finished shopping for Christmas presents 2 weeks ago and wrapped them all up and posted a picture of it all on Instagram. (isn’t this extremely fricken annoying?)

I am the one that is usually sitting in a car on the 24th of December driving around and around a packed car park waiting to get into the shopping centre to buy my last Christmas gifts. I spit profanities as I attempt to smile at everyone deserved of some Christmas cheer.

Being that I am not going to be that person tomorrow, here is 5 of my best last minute gifts. Some you won’t even need to leave the house for …

World Vision Gifts

Sponsor a child

For as little as $5 you can buy a World Vision Gift for someone special on your gift list.  Maybe they are someone that has everything. Maybe it is someone that loves to give back.  Maybe you want to teach your kids the true spirit of Christmas.

What a lovely way to make a difference to the world

Keeping It Cool


Why not an esky or a lunch box cooler?  I got this one from a Secret Santa and soooo much in love with it.  I can take my lunch to work and not have to worry about finding fridge space.  I can carry Lil D’s medicines that need to be refrigerated when travelling with ease and most of all it fits a six pack of Corona’s in it.  Perfect for our little sunset trips to the beach!

How about an Everme voucher?  Order online and let your special person choose their own great gift.  Shipping happens in a blink too so they won’t be long without their handbag.

Christmas Treats!

DSCF4043-2Why not cook up a little Christmasy Storm for your special person?  Check out Smaggle’s GeddyMatt’s Salted Caramels.  I won some of these babies last week on Miss Smaggle’s blog.  I cannot wait to get them in my belly!!  

Image Credit : www.smaggle.com


How about this one …


1 x free deep house clean care of you.

Yeap..who wouldn’t want this one?

By chance if anyone of my family is finding me impossible to buy for…this last one has my name all over it.


photo credit: butkaj.info via photopin cc

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