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5 Fabulous Reasons Not To DIY School Book Shopping

18 January, 2014

I learnt a few years ago the hard way people.  It was a warm January afternoon and the youngest had actually had a day sleep which was a surprise, so off we went with 2 school book lists in hand to our local Big W to gather the requirements.

Possibly the silliest thing I have attempted, I can assure you.

The stationery aisle’s were clogged with every parent and child in the entire town.  The kids were all trying to be helpful, but the toddlers and babies that towed along were screaming with displeasure.  The fricking gluesticks sat half a mile from the exercise books and there wasn’t a music book in sight.

So I left with only a handful of things and walked straight into our locally owned stationery shop.


Here are the 5 reasons you need to stop shopping in department stores for Back To School Books and get yourself into your local office shop.


1. Office stores and Newsagencies will take your school book list off you, fill the order and give you a call when ready to be picked up.

2. The store will source all of your requirements.  So no running about looking for something specific that seems like it is sold only on Mars.

3. No queues.

4. Local stores often offer discounts if you fill your entire order with them. (my experience shows that this means that they are just as competitive as the perceivably cheaper department stores)

5. You retain your sanity at the end of the school holidays and god for bid that is precious!


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