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5 Fabulous Sunglasses Under $100

15 December, 2013

Continuing on with the Fabulous Five Under $100, today we have the most on trend affordable sunglasses you will ever find.

Now, if you are anything like me sadly your sunnies get knocked around a little.  Between toddlers pulling them off your face and throwing them to the ground and/or them being tossed into your handbag when you are madly searching for your car keys, it is probably safe to say you are saving the expensive sunnies for when everyone has grown up (and maybe left home!)

I recently purchased two pairs of Sunnies from my fav store Birdsnest and both pairs in total came to well under $100… so without any further ado.  Lets do this!



Perv Eyewear – Lara $19.95 from Birdsnest.

I own these.  I love these.  They meet all International Standards for UV.  They look fab and will glam up any summer outfit but are also have a really strong frame.


Perv Eyewear – Davo $29.95 from Birdsnest.

I also own these.  Once again Perv Eyewear have done it again with an on trend frame that has a great lens and is also so very affordable.  Perfect for lazing around at the beach I say.


Ralph _ $99.00 from Sunglass Hut


Mink Pink Still Water – $49.95 from Birdsnest


Roc Bardot – $89.95 from Birdsnest

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