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Winter Boots : The 5 Fab Picks From Ziera

6 June, 2014

Today’s 5 Fabulous post is  brought to you by Ziera, showcasing their gorgeous range of comfy winter boots.

As a busy Mum, comfort is a priority.  I believe that you should never allow a single day t0 be ruined by uncomfortable shoes.  Sore feet have the tendency to make me a little cranky, so I will skimp and save on ANYTHING except my feet.  My feet are treated like little temples; worshipped and cared for, and for that they give me back the ability to fly through my days with agility and ease.


So, do you want some winter comfy shoe inspiration?

Did I even need to ask?  No I didn’t did I?

Here we go …


The Ziera Santiago Orthotic Friendly Knee High Boot $369.

A classic wardrobe essential.  Wear over skinny leg jeans or with a knee length dress or skirt.



The Ziera Frankie Orthotic Friendly Ankle Boot $269

Perfect boot for the office during colder months.



 The Ziera Zarla Orthotic Friendly Boot $329

Rock these boots with a long winter skirt or knee length dress and dark tights.  Unique and very on trend.



The Ziera Waikato Orthotic Friendly Ankle Boot $269

These boots are your must haves to rock with a great pair of jeans.




The Ziera Standford Orthotic Friendly Ankle Boot $239

If any boot says a day at the park or weekend wandering around shops and markets it is these babies.  Casual comfort.

[This post is written in collaboration with Ziera and is a ‘Sponsored Post’]

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