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5 Fabulous Winter Coats

30 May, 2014


With winter only a day away, we maybe fooled in Queensland to think that the cold may never arrive.

I on the other hand believe we must be prepared, as it is going to sneak up on us and nip us on the heals before we know it!  Yup.  Just like that.

So let me introduce to you my 5 Fabulous Winter Coats for 2014.

NB. I am a little bit of a fan of the faux fur on a coat, actually hold that thought.  I am a bit of a fan of faux fur ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE right now.  I am also crushing a little bit too much on army green.  Put them both together and you will find one of the hottest and warmest items of the season.  See the Wish Element Parker below.  I have one very similar ready and waiting for my trip to Tassie in July.

Off you go now, ensure you have ticked the warm winter coat box for this season.

It is my firm belief that very soon you will be needing it.
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