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5 Hacks To Supercharge Your Bunk Bed

26 August, 2015
Young child's bedroom

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There’s something about a bunk bed that takes you right back to childhood. Forget the practicality of saving space; it’s all about the big questions like who gets the top bunk and how late do you really have to wait to have the ultimate midnight feast?

If you’re looking to install bunk beds in your home, here are some hacks to go that extra mile and embrace this childhood delight. Below are five tips to supercharge the shared experience.

A hideout

Not only should a bunk bed be a night-time hangout, it can also be a daytime hideout for the many acts of mini-mischief that childhood entails. Why not install a curtain rail on the ceiling above the bunks and then hang light curtains that can shield the beds?

For a more individual option, grab a wooden set of bunks, which are readily available at furniture stores in Melbourne like Super Amart, and install one curtain rail from the ceiling to shield the top bunk and one from the actual bed frame above the bottom bunk. That way each child has their own private and even themed, oasis and each morning the curtains can be opened up for a whole new day of play.

For the older kids, turn the bottom zone into a study with shelves and a desk to create a cosy workspace.

A cubby

Go one step further than curtains by creating a cubby house. This can be done by creating cubby house curtains, complete with windows and a door, or by making your own wooden facade that attaches to the bed frame. You can also remove the bottom bed, retaining the posts and perhaps strengthening them, and create this space as a cubby, complete with mini furniture.

Rope ladders

A simple way to create interest is by exchanging the traditional ladder for a rope one that anchors to the ceiling. If you don’t fancy altering your ceiling or removing the ladder, add a knotted rope to the bed end for the kids to abseil down.

Climbing wall

On the subject of climbing, why not really get the kids moving by making the bed end a climbing wall, complete with foot holes or coloured climbing grips that lead to the top bunk? It’s as easy as attaching a solid piece of wood to the bed end, and cutting holes or screwing in the grips.


Let’s face it: bunk beds just beckon play, climbing and exploring, so consider going the whole hog and turning them into a mini playground! There are plenty of great ideas on the internet including tips on how to build your own wooden slide. Couple that with a rope ladder, climbing wall and fortress wooden facade on the top bunk, and hours of play can be enjoyed in the comfort of the kids’ own room.

When you embrace your inner child and recall the delight that bunk beds entail, it’s easy to think of ways to reinvent them, meaning these useful little space savers can become a wonderland in a weekend of DIY fun.

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