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5 Reasons To Start Eating Porridge

5 January, 2015
start eating porridge

Do you race out the door  swallowing a cup of coffee and chomping on a piece of toast?

If so, I used to be in this club too.

The problem for me was that by mid morning I always felt really sluggish and always headed for the sweetest morning tea option I could find.   Making me feel even more sluggish by lunch time.

Cue, the realisation I needed to start my day off better by eating a decent breakfast.

I have never been a fan of boxed breakfast cereals. The prices are crazy expensive, and they’re always full of sugar and preservatives.

Enter: A packet of wholegrain oats costing around $4

Now I rarely divert from my bowl of porridge.  (Unless Mr MMM makes his awesome poached eggs.)

I use my Thermomix to make my porridge.  It takes 11 minutes and if I start it before jumping in the shower by the time I am showered and dressed my breakfast is ready.  Efficient much?

Here are my 5 reasons why you should start eating porridge.  Pronto.

  1. Eating porridge may reduce the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol
  2. Wholegrain Oats are cheap and can be purchased for around $4.00 a Kg.  (you use about 40 gms per serving of porridge)
  3. A bowl of porridge will make you feel fuller for longer.  Perfect for busy Mum’s.
  4. Porridge is simple and super easy to make.  Check out Katie 180’s recipe HERE
  5. Porridge is delicious and can be served with fresh fruit, frozen fruit, dried fruit, honey, nut, seeds, cinnamon and brown sugar.


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  • Jane9 January, 2015 at 10:19 am

    Hi do you cook your porridge in your Thermie? If so how do you find them? Thx

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs9 January, 2015 at 2:42 pm

      Hey Jane .. I do cook my porridge in my Thermie and love it. I can never get it quite as smooth and creamy in a pot but that maybe that I just need more practice in with using the stove top. Also, on a busy morning I don’t have to stand stirring with the porridge in the Thermie. Must admit I eat more porridge now I have Thermie.

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