7 Things To Do As A Family When Money Is Tight

27 February, 2015
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Sometimes when money is tight, things get pretty stressful.  Stressing doesn’t actually solve the problem and can really affect a family’s well being.

Here are my 7 Things To Do As A Family When Money Is Tight :

1. BBQ

Pack up some sausages, bread, sauce,onions and drinks and head to a park or beach with a BBQ for lunch or dinner.  Let the kids run and play while your cooking up a storm on the barbie. (Best bit .. little to no washing up!)

2. Bush Walk

Pack a backpack full of essentials and find a local bush walk.  Get the kids to take pictures of things they love on their iPod or iPhone’s and when they get home get them to put it together into a slideshow of your day.

Check on this website for bush walks near you.

3. Bike Ride

Put on those bike helmets and take everyone off for a ride.  Keep an eye out for a bike track in your area.

4. Cricket

Gather up the troops from family, friends and neighbours and have a cricket match.

5. Baking

Bake a cake and have a lovely morning or afternoon tea.  Even better, take it to the park to enjoy.

6. Movie Night In

Pop the popcorn, drag out comfy cushions and put on a family favourite movie.

7. Play A Game

Monopoly, Cards, Scrabble, Jenga or Twister.  These great old games are all too often forgotten with the invention of tablets,phones and computers.  Drag them out and set them up.

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  • Holly8 March, 2015 at 9:34 am

    Some great cheap family days out & often the best memories made this way.
    Holly recently posted…20 Non-Chocolate DIY Easter GiftsMy Profile

    • Gayel Stewart-Airs15 March, 2015 at 2:37 pm

      They are Holly! The old sausage sizzle in the park is one of my fondest memories as a child 🙂

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