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Parasite Proofing

8 June, 2012

Yah! It is Friday…. Katy Perry’s TGIF Is going around my head while I sip my coffee and work out the logistics of my next mission.

It was with great pleasure that I received an SMS from my girls Dad this morning regarding itchy bums.

The words that slipped out of my mouth ruined my no swearing resolution for today (I usually get to at least 8 am each day before breaking it).

See, yesterday at 7.59am whilst doing the side pony hair do for Miss M I discovered wildlife again… Yes nits.

It has only been a fortnight since the last infestation and damn it that is the last bloody thing that was required with Lil D struggling again.

So today…with the knowledge that my kids are probably still itching at the thought of nits (I did remove all of the little critters but you know how it goes… The thought makes you scratch) I sit here hoping they aren’t crazily scratching their butts at school too.

I just googled the Combantrim website and this should give you a giggle…

Off to the chemist I go…while we live in this town they will never be shutting up shop.

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