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Apparently We Didn’t Do Much This Weekend

9 June, 2014

We have spent the entire weekend at home.  It has been glorious.  Apparently though, WE DIDN’T DO MUCH.

We did though.  We did heaps but not much.  If you know what I mean?  Just got all cosy and spent some really nice time together.  Back to basics. No travel, no AFL match, no expectations, no need for a watch even.  There is beauty in the mundane you know.  You just need to find it.



The long weekend started with the very best of health intentions.  Here we have an example of  the Friday night same, same but different.  Juice and Juice.

(Well one was fermented juice and one was in the process of being made into juice…same, same but different. )




While I consumed and made juice, T- Rex had some potentially fatal accident.  Bondi Vet arrived and sorted him out thank goodness.  We had heard he was near extinction, so his life saving was critical.

Interestingly, the anaesthetic mask T-Rex has on his face is a souvenir from Lil D’s operation last week.  He now associates it with sleep.


He places it on his face for a minute, inhales then goes off to sleep.  May this never end!




A late night on Friday night saw me mix these two up.  So I brushed my teeth with face wash.

(still clicking my tongue trying to remove that ultra clean soapy taste from my gob)



Saturday morning brought an early morning looming session.  I ordered earrings.  I ended up with a little pineapple looking thing.



Later on Saturday I was forced to come clean about the washing in my house.  My friend busted Mr MMM the day previous with a washing basket heading to the laundry.

I therefore had to admit to how he helps out with the washing all the time.  She has now asked if he could run a course for all partners and husbands.  I have agreed seeing that just after taking this picture of OUR new favourite laundry liquid he came through the door clutching ….SEE NEXT PIC.



Yes that is a speeding fine.  Yes that is a $300 speeding fine.  Yes Mr MMM will now be writing for this blog on  how to inspire your husband to the washing as a result.  He may even run a course or two.  Depending on how great the washing post goes he should have this $300 worked off pretty soon.

NB.  Living in a small town also means that when you are booked for speeding those that didn’t see it happen hear about it from someone that did see it.  There is no room for shame in this town.  Even more so when your wife is a blogger.



Saturday afternoon after we had walked to the park to eat lunch and play,we all bunkered down for some rest time and  movies.  I snuggled up with my bad boy.  I have always had a thing for bad boys.




Now here is an example of how oil pulling isn’t wise done at witching hour.  I had to scribe the sort of stuff I would normally bark out.  Scribing has little impact I can tell you.  They just laugh at you and you almost spit your coconut oil out all over them.

My tip is to save the oil pulling until they go to bed, or you have the shits with everyone and choose to be ignorant and kill them with silence. (incidentally, oil pulling does not free one from the soapy taste brushing your teeth with face cleanser)



Sunday morning brought this.  My boys went bike riding while us girls took our own sweet time in preparing our pretty selves for the day.  Mr MMM asked if I would like a bike too.  Obviously he was thinking about my up coming birthday.  (To which he hadn’t read my post on FB with all the great birthday ideas…none of which included a bike)

I said I wasn’t sure about a bike as I had a history of bike stacks, but a sleigh to be pulled behind his bike could be suffice and extremely fun.

Really, I wouldn’t mind a bike.  One with a basket that I can place my breadstick and flowers in as I peddle romantically down the street avoiding being hit with pig shit as the local meat works ramps up production.



Finally by the end of the long weekend Winter arrived.  Only 8 days late .. but better than never!  We started our wood heater.

Yeah baby.

HAWT bad boy husband chopping wood for the fireplace, while I sat around on my arse watching drinking hot drinks.  Of course I stayed up late enjoying the fact that Monday was my dream Monday and I could sleep in and wear my pjs all day.



So, then we came to Monday. This is my holy shitsticks face.  I thought I could sleep in and wear my totally inappropriate to wear in public leggings with my beloved Mrs Brown type cardie all day.

Turns out whilst lazing about on the couch wearing such and thinking I had some time to be a slob, I was actually meant to be down at the park with a friend.  She had only rang me yesterday to organise it.  I had agreed, but then put it to the back of my mind.  The quickest shower in history happened and we took off grabbing hot coffee on the way, to apologise for my tardiness.


Now the moral of this mundane post is this. There is a lot to be gained from battening down the hatches and not doing much some weekends.  We are all refreshed.  The kids are getting on spectacularly.  (Two even helped each other clean their bedrooms…GASP)  I wanted to say too that we barely spent any money, but I can’t because Mr MMM has purchased himself a little of the road he likes to SPEED along.  But other than that it has been cheap as chips.

So how was your long weekend?  Busy or beautifully boring?


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  • cate9 June, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    a rather boring weekend here, husband has been working, whih means I spend daylight hours saying “shh” ad nauseum! we did escape to the park this morning, though, which was lovely, busy and cold!
    cate recently posted…Digital Parents Australia Blog Carnival {May 2014}My Profile

    • Gayel Stewart Airs10 June, 2014 at 5:53 am

      Oh no the difficulty of nightshift and kids. You are an amazing lady Cate 🙂

  • Amber10 June, 2014 at 5:02 am

    I love “nothing” weekends…

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