Family Paediatric Reflux

Ava the Elephant

3 September, 2012


We were sent Ava last month to trial as a novelty to make dispensing medication easier and more fun for babies and young children.

Lil D has reflux medication twice a day and I must admit most of the time it is a battle to get him to take it. Due to him requiring this medication since he was 3 weeks of age our little man really has an anxiety of anything going near his mouth.

Ava the Elephant has certainly made medicine time a lot easier in our home. Lil D holds onto Ava’s ears while I administer and loves it when Ava says ‘one,two,three, open wide, good job!’.

For me the best thing about Ava is her large syringe dropper and the fact a Nurofen syringe will also fit down Ava’s trunk. (bonus for reflux parents administering PPIs)

Ava is also easy to clean making frequent use easy. She is also BPA free.

It is incredibly hard on parents when their children are ill and I think this little device might just make giving sometimes unpleasant medications that bit easier with a fun distraction.

You can purchase Ava onlineĀ here.



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