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Big Plans For Today

8 March, 2013

I had big plans for today.

Yes that’s all I can say … I HAD big plans for today.

I achieved diddly sqwat and as I lay here on the bed feeding Lil D I am reminded that this reflux journey is far from over.

Yesterday, we had a gastro paediatric review for both of our refluxers. It was decided we would continue on doing what we are doing with Lil D until he is 3. Initially, I was happy with this. Why? Because I am friendly and polite and I trust and respect our Paed’s opinion. Also, things can take a little while for me to fully absorb when I am being all positive.

I was being positive yesterday.

Yeah so it absorbed today. Today he has reflux. Today he has barely eaten and begged to be breastfed frequently in an attempt to soothe his pains. Today he burped so loudly he laughed at first then cried in pain. Yeah today I am pissed off. Will life ever start being all normal for us and will this be just a bad memory?

I am not angry at anyone or anything. I am just cranky that the universe has thrown two of my gorgeous kids this painful thing they have to deal with every single day.

Miss M requires another gastroscopy the Paed feels, as it seems her wrap may of been damaged after a vomiting bug within 3 months of her fundoplication. It is disheartening,but I knew when she started vomiting blood during the dreadful bug period that we had possibly done damage to the recent surgical site. I haven’t been ignoring her slowly recurring symptoms, I have been in denial.

So it is Friday. Normally Friday is an awesome day for me and I blog happiness to you all. Well today isn’t that sort of Friday at all and I am very disappointed.

All I can think is that we were sent this bumpy reflux road because we can handle it and tomorrow maybe better who knows?

I am off to get takeaway. I can’t be frigging asked to cook.

How do you handle crappy news? Do you try to throw a positive light on it or do you hit the negative nelly road straight away?

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