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When Fashion Bloggers Do Brisbane

20 October, 2013

Have you ever visited a City and thought you knew where to find all the retail therapy locations you would ever desire but really on proper investigation are left feeling rather dissatisfied?

Well this was me.  I visit Brisbane quite a lot and just lately my usual haunts just haven’t done it for me.  They seem to lack individuality, personality and class.  Yes I am talking about one of those major shopping centres…eeeek!

Enter Shop In Style Escapes.

On a gorgeous spring day ,off I went into Brisbane City to join up with 2 other bloggers and Amanda from Shop In Style Escapes.  I was a tad nervous as I had never done anything like that before and I certainly would never describe myself as a fashion blogger.  But hell…we were all off shopping so I quickly got over that.

First stop once all introductions and pleasantries had taken place was The Wintergarden.  Amanda pulled us up at the Hilton and a very dashing young man opened my door.

Well Hello You !

Bit of a swish way to begin but we all lapped it up.

The day was a little bit like the Ultimate Shopping Tour on Cocaine as we took off in an attempt to touch on all of the wonderful places Amanda’s 3 different tours can take you.

Despite being the senior on the tour I think I kept up with the gorgeous Katherine of Through My Looking Glass and Theresa of Ladida.

We make up’d at Issada. I will be back there soon, due to my complete and utter infatuation with how Allanah does make up.

Shop In Style Escape

We chatted with designers and chocolatiers in Paddington.  I contemplated hiding in the cushions at the Happiness Place and making it my home forever.  My thoughts were that I could just quietly live in the shop.  I could dust and keep it all tidy for the owners and blog about each and every darn thing they sell.

Namely this teapot.


I want this teapot.  Incidentally, so does Amanda.  As it stands at the moment neither of our husbands particularly want us to own this teapot, so there it lives at the Happiness Place instead.

Shop In Style 2

We learnt about chocolate.  Like real chocolate starting with the one without sugar.  Yes it was an experience.  Then we moved onto THE BEST HOT CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER TASTED.  This hot chocolate wasn’t like a drink at all.  It was like a meal.  The spoon stood up in it to start with.  Only happiness comes with that I can tell you.  Thank you Monty’s.  Much love for you forever and ever.

Then later we learnt about/inhaled  brownies, as in the brownies that Ashton Kutcher loves that are made  in Brisbane.  Is there a Brownie Heaven?  Della Mano.  I think we found it.

Now for me a shopping blitz is not complete without a frock and some accessories.  Well can you imagine my excitement when we entered Thousand Island Dressing and then Sacha Drake all in the same hour?

shop in style 4

I was unable to leave both premises without purchase.  So this black Sacha Drake dress came home with me along with all the bling to keep me happy for quiet some time at Thousand Island Dressing.

I bet you are thinking that is the end of our day and this post….


There was more!

Shop in style perfume

The Libertine Perfumery.

Now, you probably think you know perfumes and you have your very favourite expensive scent bought from the perfume counter of a department store.  Well let me tell you … you know nothing!  See that little lady up there in that picture.  The one pointing with the dead serious look on her face.  Well that lady was telling us just how many rose petals goes into each bottle of one particular perfume.  No nasties in those bottles.  No siree. Just pure deliciousness.

We all tried some of her amazing scents and apparently they smelt different on each and every one of us!  I had no idea, I was knocking back the champagne and  was caught up with the comment that Visa will certainly get you lucky.

Get into my handbag Visa!  So it did.  I bought a small bottle to test it out on Mr MMM with the view to buying a larger bottle if it worked.

Larger bottle is due to be ordered ;).

So that was it…an epic day in Brisbane.  Checking out some of the gems most of us have no idea exist.

A big thank you must go out to Tourism Queensland for inviting me on this fabulous day out with Amanda.  I had an absolute ball and now plotting to take some girlfriends on a little tour with Amanda.

Incidentally .. Tourism Queensland if you ever want to do anything like this again.  I AM IN.


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  • Monique20 October, 2013 at 9:50 am

    Now that’s a girls day out

    • Mrs MMM20 October, 2013 at 10:46 am


  • Amanda Kruse31 October, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Mrs MMM you are welcome to join me on a girls day out any time you like…I have more Brisbane Hidden Gems just waiting for you to discover!

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