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4 February, 2013

Little do many realise that 98% of my blog posts are invented at the clothes line and then written whilst breastfeeding the seriously breast milk addicted 21mth old.

We still feed 3-4 times a night and if I am home all flipping day if I allow it.

One must wonder if this is what causes the ‘Boob Man’ later in life?

Anyway, with no end in sight on the breastfeeding front it seems this blog is safe. I can be assured of a half an hour here and there to write. (From my iPhone that is)

I do wonder if it was the invention of the IPhone and the age old task of breastfeeding that started me blogging. I have always been a writer but only for myself and my kids. With the hours feeding Lil D when he was really young I started to read blogs from my phone. It kept me sane when my Motherhood world was turned upside down with that horrible reflux we have.

I survived on the nourishment those blogging women’s honest words gave me when my world was a tad dark. 7 months later I started to write. A year after that and here I am.

Clearly it also has something to do with not ever being able to do just one task at a time.

So here I am. Still letting my mind wander when searching for pegs for the washing and cleaning artwork off walls and then tapping that post out during the milk bar hours.

I do look forward to doing this blogging thing all proper one day and sit nicely in front of my computer. Until then I will balance a boy and my iPhone and pray a carpal tunnel injury doesn’t strike… Cause I doubt Siri will ever keep up 😉


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  • Cate4 February, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    My boob man didn’t give up the night feeds until I forced the issue at about 2.25yrs, and even today he would happily hold on to his boob all night (he weaned last September, just before he turned 3), but reading blogs became a lifesaver from mindless v with all those long hours of feeding!

    • Mrs MMM6 February, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      Wow Cate well done to you ! My reply to this comment is whilst I start my night shift (of feeding)…soon I will need to get tough too. Cause I need to sleep better. The sort of sleep you get when there is no threat of anyone attempting to get under your shirt to latch on.

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