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30 August, 2015
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After what has been a positively hideous experience starting yesterday with what I believe was me withdrawing from the anti anxiety meds I have been taking (to keep me all unicorns and rainbows happy whilst driving and sleeping), I dragged my ample Ben & Jerry’s laden arse to the gym this evening.

I know right? It’s Sunday night. But hey.. historically I have always made my Sundays a Runday, so I felt the need to make an attempt to return to my one and only good habit. Plus, it turns out my little fitness tracker starts tracking the new week from a Sunday basically I can sit around on my arse all week now that I have pushed out a nice little run and star jumps with kick today (gym was empty don’t cringe).

So you might be thinking this post is going to be all about me patting myself on the back and getting on my soap box about how darn wonderful I am for kicking my prescribed drug habit and doing some exercise to chase the demons away instead.

Or how I have an incessant need not to follow the crowd or listen to people in the know. (see post image)   Like the professionals that told me to titrate the fucking drug back .. and I didn’t.  Thanks for that great advice T and B … I possibly should have listened but true to form didn’t.

This post isn’t about all that hooohaaa.

It is about this :

Whilst I was trotting along on a 1% incline doing 7.5k’s an hour (yeah i know don’t fall off your perch..1% ..almost floored me at first too) I decided to watch some You Tubes. Mainly so I could distract myself from the slight chest pain I thought I was having.


I watched this :

In this interview by Marie Forleo, Regena Thomashauer discusses the importance of making time to be creative so that your dreams can become a reality.

One point she made was to start every meeting with a brag.

Continuing with trying to ignore my chest pain,  I thought..pretentious Yanks. Who does that shit?

Then I thought…I should do that shit. Even though I no longer attend any meetings that don’t include me, myself and I. I can do that.  And nobody will think I am a pretentious shit.  (I say in an American accent)

I don’t give myself any credit for achievements and barely accept a compliment from another.

So I am going to start doing that. Each day. On my day planner. The first thing I write down is a little brag. A little self pat on my back for something. Even if it is for peeling the carrots before I chopped and threw them into the kids’s school lunch bags. 😳

Now I am guessing you’re possibly the same as me. A little bit not of the type to give yourself any credit or a moment to brag. Not boast .. just brag.  A little.

So this is the bit where I tell you that you should.  And even if it is as small as my peeling the carrots .. I don’t care.  I want to hear it.

In the comments below.


and then forever after this .. you should do a little morning time brag for yourself often..if not daily.

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