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Breakfast With The Boys

9 June, 2013

Yesterday morning we ate breakfast at our hotel prior to heading off to Miss M in hospital.

Remembering the spectacle that was dinner the evening before, it seemed easier to slip into the hotel lobby’s dining room to nourish ourselves and cheaper than other breakfast locations.

Seems that everyone else in the hotel had the same idea. Including 4 priests clad in full priesty attire. Of course we sat next to them didn’t we? In hindsight we should of saved them the bother of needing to pray for us and headed to the basement to eat.

Lil D ate his watermelon with gusto and true to form as I started to eat he wanted to leave his highchair to sit on my lap. Of course I argued with him.

In the end Mr MMM took him to allow me to eat. Mr MMM and I started talking about a friend and I showed Mr MMM this, saying this is what our friend needed to do.


Now sometimes when Mr MMM gets excited his voice gets louder. On seeing this quote the smile beamed across his face and he announced this :

‘If Cinderella had of gone back for her shoe she would have had a one night stand.’

I froze as 4 little priest heads all snapped sideways looking our way.

I gave Mr MMM my shut up right now glare. The one that locks into his eyes and holds on tight. The one that makes him start to shake from the inside out.

Then Lil D dropped his hash brown didn’t he. I was still holding glare with Mr MMM when Lil D said it … SHIT DAD SHIT.

Omfg I closed my eyes tight and begged the red carpet floor to swallow me up.

It didn’t.

I had to eventually open my eyes and made the mistake of glancing over at the priests to see if they were still looking. They were. They were now speaking another language.

On that note I downed my coffee and we left, trying to console myself with the fact that at least four people were praying for me now and that in itself may give me the strength not to fill my boys mouths with cement.

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  • Aunty Mogg9 June, 2013 at 3:37 pm

    LMAO!! Oh my – if they were catholic priests they were probably discussing in latin & in great detail Cinders one night stand !! Priests are just mere men after all – never wear a low cut top to receive communion – told to me by a catholic priest (a relative!) advise I’ve never forgotten!

    • Mrs MMM12 June, 2013 at 9:58 pm

      Note taken! Lucky I am not catholic…

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