Family Mummy Mayhem

Build A Fort, Share Some Sunshine…Lot of Laughs

25 April, 2012

A few months ago we purchased a play gym online from Big W and have been debating where exactly it should go in our large backyard.

Debate has concluded …construction has begun…and it become a crazy family event non the less.

Below is our day…as you can see Lil D is going to be a civil engineer. The kids become crazier as the sun began to fall in the sky and the play gym still wasn’t complete.

It was more than putting together the play gym though…it was spending time with each other…outside on our lawn.






ps..I checked to see if I could still do cartwheels too..I can..Miss I even took pics to prove it..but to save you the gut laughs so late at night I have reframed from posting them. I will include them with my post about wearing your clothes inside out and other mad mother moments.

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  • Aunty Mogg25 April, 2012 at 10:32 pm

    What a picture perfect lovely day!! Miss M – I just love your funny faces! Miss I – you’re a crazy cartwheeler! & Lil D – love ya cheeky chops!!! xxx

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