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18 November, 2012

In the last two weeks we have had :

A whole bottle of Tangerine nail polish painted all over his hands, feet, torso and my freakin lounge room rug.

A standoff at sleeptime that resulted in him whilstfully throwing one leg over the side of the cot and climbing out. Then opening his door and stomping past myself and Mr MMM stating NO SLEEP.

Biting… Yes biting. My ankle today whilst I was daydreaming of deserted lighthouses I could reside in. Yes gives a new term to ankle biter huh ?

A love of watering… His parents mainly with the hose.

Tantrums … The type where when all goes quiet around him he has to stop his show to have a look around.

A mix up where I thought he said ‘I Want Nanna’. Turns out all he wanted was a banana.

A love for our new ginger kitty called Sunny. The only way to carry Sunny and show him love is to transport him by his tail to the waiting motorbike where he has to sit in the trailer for a hoon around the house.

A mower obsession. Shame that won’t bloody last and I will be starting the lawn mower outside his bedroom window in 14 years time to get him out of bed.

A shoes fetish. All shoes under this roof are as stated by him ..’MY SHOES’.

An insistence my washing trolley lives 20mtrs from the clothes line next to his swing.

Speaking of washing… He loves to the odd bit of helping out while I am folding. Yes those lovely folded towels belong on the floor Son while you dance to Psy.

A terrible habit of screaming out Danger Danger every time I drive the car. (Mr MMM I have my eye on you for this one).

An opinion that he rules our Castle and therefore when and where he will be doing certain activities of daily living…(see opening picture… I was somehow to believe he was in his sisters room to sleep.. Not trash her room and provide some original art for the walls)

So yes … We have hit toddlerhood. Who would of thought it would be so normal?

This time last year, we had no idea how we were going to get through all of the reflux … It was depressingly nasty. It played with my mind and emotions better than anything on this planet has ever thrown at me in the past.

However,suddenly just lately things have become soooo normal it is eery.

I know the reflux is still about because today was so awesome I forgot his evening meds… The tell tail screaming and arching started while I was trying to eat my dinner.

I do think that us being able to give him the tablet to dissolve in his mouth himself has made a difference. The day I stopped dissolving it down in water was the day life really really got a lot better…

And hey it has gotten soooo much better, the mischief has begun. What a relief!

Now all there is for him to realise is that I am Queen of this here castle… And what I say goes … And when I say no to nail polish it doesn’t mean climb three cupboards to get it yourself. It means NO NAILPOLISH.


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