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On Getting Your Skin To Glow

7 October, 2015

I have had pretty rubbish skin for about 6 months now. I put it down to stress, lack of sleep, diet, hormones and my possible return to my teen years complete with awkward midlife facial hair and wrinkles.  Maybe it was all of the above and my trialling of all sorts of beauty products to clear up that acne that caused the acne to get worse and me to lose my glow.  Who knows. What I do know is that when…

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Fashion & Beauty

Getting Your Spring Time Fabulous On

1 September, 2015

Today my calendar tells me it’s spring.  The weather hasn’t read the meme though.  I still have my fireplace going and thick winter socks on.  But give it a month and I will be complaining that I have sweaty bits going on and that I am not looking forward to summer.  So alas.. one must always be happy with no matter what the weather and how better to do that than with a little bit of online shopping. So allow…

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The Day People Thought I Was Putting Lube On My Face

23 August, 2015

Yesterday I posted the above image to the MMM Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles.  I did so very very excited that I had found a product that had actually worked for my skin and the disgusting acne that I had been putting up with for the last 6 months had packed up camp and VANISHED. In posting this image it came to light very quickly that not only am I a joker and deviate at times … so are my…

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5 Fabulous Things From This Week

24 July, 2015

  This week has been a big one around the Internet and around MMM HQ…An Aussie punched a shark pushed a shark to say the least!  Here are some of my favourite finds from this week.   These Eclectic Black and White Etched Lucite Earrings $13.00 from Mary Grace Jewellery These Walnut Daria Driving Loafers in Blue from Birdsnest. Mick Fanning reminding us that life’s is a nasty fight at times and just when you think everything is awesome …BAM.  You need…

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Fashion & Beauty

Going From Brunette To Blonde Safely

3 June, 2015

Does anyone even remember when I was a brunette?  As in the colour I started off with from birth. It has been over a year now since I started to gradually go blonde.  Going from brunette to blonde safely is something that shouldn’t happen over night! I was lucky enough to find myself a hairdresser who is pretty darn awesome when it comes to foiling and after much discussion, it was decided to quit filling my hair up with dark…

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Some Of My Favourite Things And A Mother’s Day Giveaway

9 May, 2015
File 9-05-2015 10 02 13 am

This week has been somewhat of a challenge around these parts.  I had a rotten head cold (which may or may not have been exacerbated by a wild 30th Birthday Party last weekend) and I had to attend a funeral of a family member who loved on his Wife so much, it broke my heart to see her tears. HOWEVER like any terrible time, there was goodness in the week to which I have shared here. By chance, if you didn’t…

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Fashion & Beauty

Key Autumn 2015 Pieces Under $100

26 April, 2015

An interesting knit, like this Boho Australia Bleaker Sweater $49.00 from Shabby Sisters.  Neutrals or Greys are my favs. Layering pendant chain like this one from Mary Grace Jewellery $31.00 Skinny Jeans from Mix Apparel $19.00 Tan Ankle Boots like theses Lavish Squeaky Ankle Boot $59.95 from Birdsnest.…

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Fashion & Beauty Ms MMM's Mind

My Secret To Smoothing Out My Mummy Tummy

12 April, 2015

Back when my first daughter was only about a week old, Queen D came out to inspect his Royal Flock. I don’t think he had ever touched a baby before and after observing her sleeping quietly in her cot, he turned to me and said ‘Well I am pleased to see you haven’t let yourself go, your guts has popped back perfectly.’ Whilst my eyeballs popped out of my head and it took every bone in my body not to want…

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Fashion & Beauty

My 5 Favourite Shoes Right Now

14 February, 2015
mrsmmm birkenstocks

Are you a comfy shoe lover?  I am. I used to always put fashion before my feet when it came to shoes but since becoming a Mum and getting older .. I have no tolerance to the pain of that.  Here are my 5 favourite shoes that I am wearing right now and where you can find them for yourself.  #notsponsored #justloved 1. Birkenstock Arizona Oiled Leather available online at Grundy’s Shoes My Birkenstock’s are my every day footwear for…

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5 Fabulous Fashion & Beauty

5 Fabulous Fitness Leggings That Will Get You Moving

9 January, 2015
fitness leggings

With 2015 now completely upon us it is safe to say that most of us added these to our resolutions : Eat better Get up early every day, Join a gym… and go. No what better way to motivate you to get to the gym with new work out wear? Here are my top 5 fitness leggings to make you look fabulous while exercising and therefore keep you motivated. Blade Waist Full Length Tight – Running Bare – $74.99 These double as a fashion staple you…

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Fashion & Beauty

The Versatile Playsuit

25 October, 2014

Today, I want to discuss the Versatile Playsuit.  The investment item of this Summer.  The one thing that needs to be in your wardrobe STAT. The story goes a little like this …   It’s a Monday night, I am sitting down with a beer (im classy) and my phone goes off. Its Mrs MMM. “I think I want to wear a black playsuit to footy presentation Friday night, Yah or Nah” Definite YAH! Told her to give me 15 minutes.…

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5 Fabulous Fashion Fashion & Beauty

Comfy Sandals : 5 Fab Picks For Summer 2014

13 October, 2014

There is one thing that I have learnt over the years of running about being a super busy woman; you need to look after your feet. Time and time again, I have learnt the hard way after buying a cheap pair of ballet flats or rubber thongs. My calves, knees and hips would be aching by the end of the day. I was suffering from unnecessary fatigue, and it didn’t need to be that way. I only needed to adjust…

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The Top Tips For Spring Racing 2014

15 August, 2014

Spring is just around the corner and according to Rachael from Fascinators Direct, right now is the perfect time to start your Spring Racing 2014 Fashion planning. Being that with each racing season new trends arise, I asked Rachel some questions to help us make the big decisions of what to wear easier. What are the hottest colour combinations for this years racing season? Pastels are the hottest colour trend this year. Think Powder Blue, Coral, Apricot, Lemon, Mint Green,…

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