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5 Health Benefits Of Coffee

1 December, 2015
Black coffe on red cup from mother

This Is A Sponsored Post As long as Monday mornings continue to exist, coffee will still be one of the most popular drinks in the world. For some of us it’s the lifeblood we need to get through each work day, for others it’s the perfect social opportunity to catch up with friends. But did you know there are also plenty of health benefits in your morning cuppa? From losing weight to protecting your liver, here are the top five…

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All Things School From 2Kool4Skool

30 September, 2015

We were gifted a lovely package from 2Kool4Skool so that we could review and share our findings with you. I have always had a love hate relationship with school lunch boxes.  Whenever I thought I had found the right one for my kids, it either didn’t stand the test of time or didn’t turn out to be as functional as I had first thought.  Of late we have been reviewing the 2kool4skool lunch and snack stuff range and straight up I…

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5 Ways To Improve Your Sleep

11 September, 2015
File 11-09-2015 12 57 57 pm

This is a sponsored post.   As you may well very know, I have battled with sleep this year.  It is like my nemesis.  What I have personally found helpful is to have  great sleep hygiene.   A good night’s sleep is the bedrock for a good day. It helps you focus better, helps your body recover from sickness and physical exertion, and makes you less likely to be snappy and snarky.   Many things (including children) can have a huge impact…

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The Day People Thought I Was Putting Lube On My Face

23 August, 2015

Yesterday I posted the above image to the MMM Instagram, Twitter and Facebook profiles.  I did so very very excited that I had found a product that had actually worked for my skin and the disgusting acne that I had been putting up with for the last 6 months had packed up camp and VANISHED. In posting this image it came to light very quickly that not only am I a joker and deviate at times … so are my…

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How To Prevent A Hangover

21 July, 2015

Writing this post may seem rather odd to those that take part in Dry July. I figure however, for the most of us shit- house-uncharitable-citizens who wish not to prove they can stay dry for an entire month, knowing how to prevent a hangover or limit it to say the least is one of those essential life skills. I had written quite a few dot points to this post prior to asking the MMM Facebook gang their tricks.  So incorporated into…

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5 Things To Do When You Fall Ill

16 July, 2015
Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

This is a sponsored post. Falling ill is unpleasant and, depending on its severity, an illness can stop you in your tracks. Knowing what to do when you become sick is important – you need to take appropriate action to look after yourself and also to protect others from catching it. 1. Access Medical Advice One of the very best things you can do when you fall ill is get checked over by a medical practitioner. Of course, not all…

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Make Your Pinky Promise

7 June, 2015

Do you know what scares me the most about cancer? It is it’s ability to tear a fabulous individual from their friends and families in the prime of their life.  It makes me feel sick to the core that Husband’s grow old without their wives, children grow up with out their Dad cheering them on at their weekend sport and that best friends no longer have their kindred spirit to hang out with, do coffee and take on the world…

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How To Get Rid Of Tired Eyes

23 May, 2015

This Is A Sponsored Post. As you know I am one hell of a busy lady.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but yikes does it take it’s toll on me at times. Currently due to my need to get my little passion/business off the ground, I am sometimes working 16 hour days , in and around my kids, just to keep pushing the work out as well as gather new gigs. On those days, my screen time is enough…

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Brain Food To Help You Study

12 May, 2015

*This Post Is Sponsored  We all know there are some foods that are better for you than others, and there are some foods that are especially good to have when you need to concentrate. One of these times might be when you are trying to finish an assignment or if you are studying for your finals. Most of these foods are really quite simple, and you might even already have them in your pantry or fridge. You don’t have to…

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Online Fitness Programs – The Answer For House Bound Mums?

8 April, 2015

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit of online research I have been doing on Online Fitness Programs.  I came across one online program accidentally (Yoogaia) last week and it got me thinking about how hard I found exercising when my kids were babies and I was housebound. (By choice of course, but only because it was a mammoth task in often getting out the front door.) With the internet bringing the entire universe into our homes these days,…

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27 Of Our Favourite Flavours

6 March, 2015

I asked the MMM Facebook tribe the other day what they like to use to flavour their dishes with.  You know the go to herb, spice or sauce that is your standard repoitre to your family favourite dishes.  The one that means the only noise that is made at the dinner table is groans of enjoyment and goodness, instead of the I HATE THIS or elbowing fights. Mine is Italian Herbs.  I can put those into ANYTHING.  Except Ice Cream…

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5 Reasons To Start Eating Porridge

5 January, 2015
start eating porridge

Do you race out the door  swallowing a cup of coffee and chomping on a piece of toast? If so, I used to be in this club too. The problem for me was that by mid morning I always felt really sluggish and always headed for the sweetest morning tea option I could find.   Making me feel even more sluggish by lunch time. Cue, the realisation I needed to start my day off better by eating a decent breakfast. I…

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Replace Those Chocolate Truffles With Christmas Bliss Balls

7 December, 2014
modern mummy mayhem

So this time of the year gets a little crazy right? Your social calendar is full with end of year break ups, parties, and catch up drinks, and your healthy eating goes out the window. With all of these late nights and busy days, it’s hard not to let your exercise slip too. Here is something to remember… Christmas is ONE day, not the whole month. Try to stay focused on your usual exercise routine and healthy eating. Now for…

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How To Make Perfect Eggs – With Wiltshire Poachies [Gifted]

27 November, 2014
poached eggs

If there is one thing Mr MMM absolutely rocks at in the kitchen … it is poached eggs.  I am not so flash with making them, but he on the other hand, I can report is an expert. How he does this I do not know.  So I don’t tend to cook breakfasts .. he does.  . I find I over cook poached eggs and make a hell of a mess.  So when the lovely people at Wiltshire asked me to trial their Poachies,…

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20 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

12 October, 2014

Lunchbox preparation can get monotonous can’t it? I am personally not a fan of making lunches but have come up with ways to make it easier without using too many processed packaged snacks. For the week ahead I usually prepare all of the healthy lunchbox snacks of a Sunday afternoon.  So that means, chopping veggies into sticks and refrigerating them into containers, making mini quiches and ensuring all of the lunchbox snacks are all on the same shelf in the refrigerator ready…

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5 Tips For A Better Summer Body

29 September, 2014
better summer body

  I just love summer, everything seems to be ….well, better. The smell of backyard bbq’s, the sound of kids playing outside, balmy nights and early mornings. With the scent of summer now in the air it is the perfect time to focus on yourself and get your body ready for summer. Here are my 5 Tips for a better summer body.   1. Start your day with a zing. Squeeze the juice from at least ½ a lemon into warm…

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Health & Nutrition Recipes

Roast Pumpkin And Apple Soup

31 May, 2014

Last weekend we had my mate Amy and her little boys over for the day.  I like Amy.  Not only does she bring my baby god son for me to cuddle, her other little man to distract Lil D but she also brings yummo food. Once she had in her bag of tricks jam drops and Lil D snuck off with them making an attempt on licking the jam out of every biscuit before we found him.  Gah ! Kids.  They save the…

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Fruit Water : The Thirst Quenching Alternative

31 December, 2013

I am not big on sweetened drinks and thankfully neither are my kids. When summer hit with a bang these school holidays, I noticed the kids not drinking as much water.  We were away on holidays at the time and they were complaining the drinking water tasted funny.  (We have rain water at home and once you become used to that it is hard to change water) Resisting the urge to go and buy a bottle of juice or cordial…

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LSA: Made In Your Thermomix

20 July, 2013
lsa made in your thermomix

I have become a huge fan of LSA.(linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds ground up). In fact it is its’ delicious taste that has me hooked more than the fantastic health benefits. However, to read more about how good it is for you, go here. I bought my first packet of LSA from the health food section of my local Woolworths pre-prepared but this week purchased the raw ingredients to make my own LSA in my Thermomix. My first pack of…

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