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Magpie Therapy

23 October, 2015
australian magpie

For weeks now I have struggled with getting Lil D to Kindy.  It started off with an ‘I don’t want to go Mum’ and slowly escalated day by day to what happened yesterday. A full blown assertion of 4 year old will about not entering the Kindergarten grounds. Which was fine with me.  Who wants a kid that does as his told.. thought no parent ever. So no, it wasn’t exactly fine with me that he was screaming liking a Banshie and…

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Natural Consequences

23 October, 2015

I have read so many books on disciplining my children. 1-2-3 Magic, Redirecting Children’s Behavior, Screamfree Parenting, and others. These books have good information and I’m sure they work for some. My problem is patience and needing to see immediate results. I’ve always needed instant gratification, which has caused me all kinds of trouble. My parenting is no different. My daughter is a bright little thing. She has this ability to read people, and she’s been able to call bullshit…

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Family Health & Nutrition Reviews

All Things School From 2Kool4Skool

30 September, 2015

We were gifted a lovely package from 2Kool4Skool so that we could review and share our findings with you. I have always had a love hate relationship with school lunch boxes.  Whenever I thought I had found the right one for my kids, it either didn’t stand the test of time or didn’t turn out to be as functional as I had first thought.  Of late we have been reviewing the 2kool4skool lunch and snack stuff range and straight up I…

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Family Health Health & Nutrition Home Sponsored

5 Things To Do When You Fall Ill

16 July, 2015
Sick Woman. Flu. Woman Caught Cold. Sneezing into Tissue

This is a sponsored post. Falling ill is unpleasant and, depending on its severity, an illness can stop you in your tracks. Knowing what to do when you become sick is important – you need to take appropriate action to look after yourself and also to protect others from catching it. 1. Access Medical Advice One of the very best things you can do when you fall ill is get checked over by a medical practitioner. Of course, not all…

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Family Home Sponsored

Style Tips For Your Nursery

18 June, 2015

This is a sponsored post. Styling your nursery is an exciting project, one that helps you celebrate and welcome your new addition with a touch of finesse and fun. Not only is a nursery a place of beauty for your young child, it should also be practical as well. Follow these five practical tips to style your nursery. 1. Consider your flooring As you go about creating a new world of wonder for your baby, remember that the nursery is…

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Family Sponsored

Discovering The New Discovery Sport

1 June, 2015
new discovery sport

This is a sponsored post.   As you know I have struggled with driving since that day when I become a crash test dummy in my SUV.  I was chatting to a friend the other day about if I would ever go back to driving a small car again (since I have now been driving a large SUV for about 4 years).  The answer was unequivocally NO. I like how I sit up high and feel that I have a solid car…

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Bloody Stubborn Children!

6 April, 2015

Gee, what a fun time we’ve had this morning!  #majorsarcasm My youngest is starting his footy season this weekend….well he’s supposed to be! He has attended training for the last few weeks and been quite looking forward to the start of football. This is a sport that he’s played for the last 2 years, and even had the opportunity to play at Suncorp Stadium for half time entertainment.  Picture a group of gorgeous under 7’s running around a HUGE stadium.…

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Family Fashion

The New Mum’s Comfy Clothes Guide And A Chance To Win A Grobag For Your Babe

30 March, 2015

Bringing your brand new baby home is an amazing moment a new Mum’s life. So much love, wonder, and memories being made, all while running on a mix of excitement, auto pilot and exhaustion. With feeding, changing, bathing and finding time to rest yourself, the last thing on a new Mum’s mind is what to wear each day. It is so easy to fall into the trap of not taking care of your appearance when there seem to be more…

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5 Chocolate Alternatives For The Kids This Easter

29 March, 2015

I have never been one to primarily by my kids chocolate eggs for Easter.  Since they were very young, they have always received a useful gift from the Easter Bunny and then some little eggs to the side.  This year I thought I would share with you my Top 5 Chocolate Alternatives for the kids this Easter. My favourite most of all is the binoculars and bug catcher.  How much fun would these be to use while out on the…

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7 Things To Do As A Family When Money Is Tight

27 February, 2015
7 things pinterest

Sometimes when money is tight, things get pretty stressful.  Stressing doesn’t actually solve the problem and can really affect a family’s well being. Here are my 7 Things To Do As A Family When Money Is Tight : 1. BBQ Pack up some sausages, bread, sauce,onions and drinks and head to a park or beach with a BBQ for lunch or dinner.  Let the kids run and play while your cooking up a storm on the barbie. (Best bit ..…

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Dealing With Split Families and Mediation

19 February, 2015

I was unsure what to write about this month. We are all back to school and work after the festive season and school holidays. All back into the regular routine of everyday life. So I figure I’d discuss what is happening at the moment for my family, and a subject close to my heart. Split families and mediation. This tends to be a tricky situation for all involved, and I’m sure no 2 circumstances are the same. Without getting into specifics…

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Family Home

Getting Ready For Back To School.

26 January, 2015
back to school

Are you looking forward to sending the children back to school? I know many mums and dads who prefer the holidays over the school terms. Purely for the fact that there is less to get organised, no lunches to pack, notes to read (and remember) or school drop off to try and get to on time! Having said that, I think by about week 5 or 6 of the Christmas school holiday period, they are secretly in agreement with most…

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Family Mummy Mayhem Reviews Sponsored

Taking The Country Kids To The KFC T20 Big Bash

14 January, 2015
the gabba big bash

  So last Sunday night we were guests of Cricket Australia at the Brisbane Heat v’s Sydney Sixes KFC T20 Big Bash match. Yes you heard that right.  We were very kindly given tickets to go to the match so that we could tell you all about it.  If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram .. you will already know all this and possibly almost blocked me for all of my cricket spam.  (I had no idea a live…

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Have You Finished Your Christmas Shopping?

17 December, 2014
Christmas shopping

  Christmas is only a week away and if you’re feeling a little under-prepared in the presents department, then don’t worry… are not alone!   I used to hit the Big W toy sale mid-year and put all the Christmas presents for the kids on lay buy.   Super organised, all planned, just the way I like it!   For me this worked well till the kids reached about 7 years of age. Then all those toys got a little too…

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Family Giveaways On Our Bookshelf Reviews

An Interview With Justine Clarke, A Book Review and GIVEAWAY

14 November, 2014

Children’s and Family MMM Editor, Julie Lonsdale-Light had an opportunity lately to ask Justine Clarke some questions about her new book The Ugly Duckling. Here is what Justine told Julie about The Ugly Duckling : What made you choose the story The Ugly Duckling? It was a favourite of mine as a child, it’s a perfectly simple and charming distillation of the fable in song, I’m also a big fan of Danny Kaye’s and would love to have lead a few…

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Natural Mosquito Protection With Para’Kito

3 November, 2014

A few weeks ago we were sent some Para’kito products to trial. Given that we are often visiting the beach, and we are coming into the season of BBQ’s and more outdoor fun, I was interested to see how they went. Para’kito make bands and clips that provide a natural protection from mosquitos. The bands contain a pellet that is made from natural oils that when released into the air, help to mask the human scents that would otherwise attract…

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Family On Our Bookshelf Reviews

Grandma, The Baby And Me by Emma Allen [Book Review]

2 November, 2014

This is a glorious book to help children understand the changes brought about by a new baby, and encourage their relationship with the baby while feeling included. Having a new baby brother or sister can be a difficult or unsettling time in a child’s life. Author Emma Allen conveys that with the upheaval that ensues also comes a time to bond as a family. Illustrator Hannah Sommerville brings depth and meaning with her heartfelt and emotive illustrations. This book would…

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Family Home

Chill Out This Summer

24 October, 2014
Sunny day[1]

  Summer time is fast approaching and that can only mean 1 thing….. Feelin’ HOT, HOT, HOT!!! It’s a good idea to be prepared for the upcoming warmer weather. So my top pick for families and caregivers with children to help ensure a pleasant summer this year: Keep cool….this means physically and emotionally. I know myself, I hate being so uncomfortably hot that I get cranky, sometimes tired and irrational.   Children are no different. A hot child will be…

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Family Health & Nutrition

20 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

12 October, 2014

Lunchbox preparation can get monotonous can’t it? I am personally not a fan of making lunches but have come up with ways to make it easier without using too many processed packaged snacks. For the week ahead I usually prepare all of the healthy lunchbox snacks of a Sunday afternoon.  So that means, chopping veggies into sticks and refrigerating them into containers, making mini quiches and ensuring all of the lunchbox snacks are all on the same shelf in the refrigerator ready…

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Family Reviews

Smart Shoes For Kids by Vivobarefoot

31 July, 2014

Vivobarefoot Shoes Australia and NZ recently gave Lil D a pair of their kids Ultra shoes to trial. I have been pretty keen to get this post written to share with you just how great I think this range of shoes are. Before I tell you about why I love them though, I want you to watch the below video by Podiatrist, Ashley Mahoney.  This will help you understand more about your children’s feet and how to make great shoe choices…

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Family Mummy Mayhem

Apparently We Didn’t Do Much This Weekend

9 June, 2014

We have spent the entire weekend at home.  It has been glorious.  Apparently though, WE DIDN’T DO MUCH. We did though.  We did heaps but not much.  If you know what I mean?  Just got all cosy and spent some really nice time together.  Back to basics. No travel, no AFL match, no expectations, no need for a watch even.  There is beauty in the mundane you know.  You just need to find it. . The long weekend started with the…

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Family Health Reviews Sponsored

Omega-3 Rich Foods For Your Children’s Lunchbox by Warren Maginn

9 June, 2014

Omega-3s are important for your children’s health right from the start. They have been shown to support normal brain function, eye development and a healthy heart. The omega-3 essential fatty acids in fish oil, known as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), help support the transmission of brain signals and provide the necessary building blocks for healthy tissue development. Foods that naturally contain omega-3s, such as oily fish and organ meats, do not tend to be appealing to most…

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Family Mummy Mayhem Wonder Woman Wednesday

Gracing The Airways and Unruly Brows.

4 June, 2014

I am pretty pleased tonight that the airways are just that.  The airways.  Not able to be seen, just heard. I say this because, today I was on ABC 612 Radio Parenting Panel and tonight it came to my attention that I had the scariest eye brows I have notably worn in quite some time. Thankfully, anyone that may of noticed didn’t mention it.  Not even Mr MMM, who had an overwhelming gush of proud as he and Lil D dropped…

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Family Mummy Mayhem

The Secret To Finding Their Currency Checklist

28 April, 2014
The Secret To Finding

I personally struggle a little with disciplining my kids. I don’t believe in smacking and can generally be a bit of a softie. The softie bit makes Mr MMM shake his head every single day, as I take the full responsibility for disciplining my daughters from my previous marriage. I do believe in removing privileges for undesirable actions and behaviours though. The problem is, in the heat of the moment, I often can’t think fast enough to throw out a discipline that registers…

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Family Giveaways Reviews Sponsored

Babe On The Run – PacaPod Nappy Changing Bag REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

20 April, 2014
Add text-2

Recently, I was sent a PacaPod Nappy Changing Bag to trial and tell you all about.    I was pretty excited to be reviewing the PacaPod as it is one very good looking nappy bag and lets face it … looks are almost everything when it comes to any type of bag 😉 After reviewing the PacaPod, it become very clear from the first day that this bag not only looked fabulous, but it’s unique design made it a very…

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