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Sticky Date Ice Cream Sandwich With Ben and Jerry’s

18 May, 2014

I had the glorious opportunity this weekend to create a little dessert recipe with Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. With my little Sticky Date Pud addiction of late, it made perfect sense to add a bit of flare to it by making the Sticky Date Ice Cream Sandwich complete with Ben and Jerry’s,  Maple Tree Hugger Ice Cream. Happiness in a tub AKA Maple Tree Hugger by Ben and Jerry’s.     How the Maple Tree Hugger Ice Cream stayed safe in…

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My Dream Home – In Collaboration With Monier

21 April, 2014

Mr MMM and I bought this modest old timber Queenslander of ours 4 years ago this very week.  We moved in the day before Miss M’s birthday and had a zillion plans for renovations. Renovations slowed as I become pregnant with Lil D that same year and then they completely ceased due to our little boy being unwell for the first 2 years of his life. We have since come to accept renovations will recommence when we have the finances and time.…

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Babe On The Run – PacaPod Nappy Changing Bag REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

20 April, 2014
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Recently, I was sent a PacaPod Nappy Changing Bag to trial and tell you all about.    I was pretty excited to be reviewing the PacaPod as it is one very good looking nappy bag and lets face it … looks are almost everything when it comes to any type of bag 😉 After reviewing the PacaPod, it become very clear from the first day that this bag not only looked fabulous, but it’s unique design made it a very…

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We’re Going On An Egg Hunt by Laine Mitchell [Book Review]

12 April, 2014

I think every child should receive one less Easter Egg from Easter Bunny and a lovely book in it’s place.  That is the Mother in me.  The one that cringes at the sugar fuelled craze that hits at around 8.30am on Easter Sunday.  It is also the book lover in me. We’re going on an egg hunt. We’re going to find the biggest one!   I can’t wait. Chocolate for you and me! This lovely Easter book tells the story…

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Meet Gus, The New Coffee Man In My Life

17 March, 2014

If you want me to seriously review something, you send me a coffee machine. I am sure you can imagine the little jig that was displayed in front of the post office lady, when I picked up the rather large box marked Delonghi a couple of weeks ago.  Excitement reined as I forgot all other downtown chores and drove home to start reviewing instead. Now our family is late to the coffee pod machine party. We have a traditional coffee…

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Sweetest Tomatoes You Will Ever Find Yourself Snacking On [Sponsored]

3 February, 2014

We were lucky to be sent a box full of Aldi’s  beautiful Bellino Snacking Tomatoes last week to trial and tell you all about. Now, most of you that follow me on Instagram will know that I am a completely committed Aldi Shopper.  I do have my days where packing my own groceries drives me crazy  and I never seem to have a buck in my wallet to get a trolley, so I have to trudge in and buy a…

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My Daddy Ate An Apple [Book Review] Written by Craig Smith Illustrated by Scott Tulloch

27 January, 2014

This book has Lil D obsessed! Let’s face it though, if a book contains bums, pooping or farting my kids will just love it.   I bet your’s are the same. Lil D is obsessed to the point he dreams of  his own Daddy eating an apple with a great big fat green worm inside it.  Just in the hope that he can take put him in hospital, for the Dr to give him some medicine and have him poop that…

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Not In The Shops [Review]

13 January, 2014

Just before Christmas I was given $50 to spend in the Not In The Shops  website and to tell you all about how I found my online experience. Well, to start with I had difficulty deciding on what to spend my $50 on.  Not In The Shops is jam packed full of fantastic personalised and unique baby and kids gifts. It is a 100% Australian owned business and has free shipping Australia wide, with no minimum spend.  Yes you heard that…

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Sugar Free Ice Chocolate Frappe’

5 January, 2014
Ice Cho

It has been so hot here the last few days so I called FRAPPE’ yesterday afternoon and all the kids came running. Now you will be pleased to hear I have been doing some experimenting with the Vitarium Drink mixes we were sent to trial and have come up with a smashing Ice Chocolate Frappe’ recipe that you are just going to love. Vitarium Drink Mixes are sweetened with Natvia, a 100% natural stevia sweetener, so just perfect for those trying…

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My Merry Christmas By Rosie Smith & Bruce Whatley [Book Review]

11 December, 2013

Whether big or small, feathered or furry, everyone loves coming together at Christmas! My Merry Christmas by Rosie Smith & Bruce Whatley is a beautifully illustrated  children’s book that tells the story of how everyone comes together for Christmas, big, small, feathered or furry. I just love the family traditions that Christmas brings and this book is a little reminder of those little things we do that mean so much. RRP : $16.99 NB. We were sent a copy of…

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