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Replace Those Chocolate Truffles With Christmas Bliss Balls

7 December, 2014
modern mummy mayhem

So this time of the year gets a little crazy right? Your social calendar is full with end of year break ups, parties, and catch up drinks, and your healthy eating goes out the window. With all of these late nights and busy days, it’s hard not to let your exercise slip too.

Here is something to remember… Christmas is ONE day, not the whole month.

Try to stay focused on your usual exercise routine and healthy eating.

Now for all of those yummy treats we like to eat at this time of year, look for an alternative version, perhaps a sugar free one.

This year I’m making Bliss Balls instead of Rum Balls or Chocolate Truffles. Generally these are made with processed sugar laden ingredients. But this recipe is using all plant-based ingredients and is full of nutritious whole foods.



1 cup of cashews

1 cup of almonds

1 cup of dates

1 cup of desiccated/shredded coconut

¼ cup of cacao powder

2 tablespoons of maca powder

2/3 tablespoons of coconut oil


Form a ball and roll in coconut, set in the fridge.



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