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Being A Sweaty Betty And Having The Common Sense To Use Deodorant.

18 May, 2014

As many of you are fully aware, MMM HQ has had an interesting couple of days.

It all began with the dumping of a car out the front of our house on Sunday, then the subsequent stripping of this vehicle over a 24 hr period by  what can be described as none other than a gang of thugs.

This car.

It was a disgusting example of the complete disregard some have for property.  The thugs kept going away and coming back.  Each time destroying the car some more.  Ripping things off it.  Jumping on the windscreen and roof.

This whole rampage was very scary and it would be easy to believe I live in a bad part of town. But I don’t. I live in a great part of town. That is what has rattled me mostly.

The car belongs to someone. The house it was parked in front of belongs to me. The fence that the car sat next to also belongs to me and the thought that my possessions would  go up in flames, along with that car had me a lot up tight..

I distinctly heard the thugs on two occasions talking about lighting the car up.

We called the Police. They drove past. We called the Police again. They drove past. We called the Police another 3 times and of course they drove past 3 more times.

Late Monday afternoon, at dusk actually, right about the time you turn your headlights on, the thugs had a change of heart. They decided that the car in which they had spent the last 24 hours stripping of all lights, bumpers etc could be driven. So they loaded it up with stuff and people and drove itaway.

I was gobsmacked. A chill ran up my spine that with no lights left on the car it would be like a bullet in the dark.  You just wouldn’t see it coming.

So, yes there are people out there with no regard for property. But to not have even a smidgen of common sense either?

So that leads me to my next gripe this week.

The use of deodorant.

Now, I can be a sweaty betty.  A right stinker if left un-deodorised.  In particular, if I have a day running about at work.  That is why I choose to use Rexona Clinical Protection (Shower Fresh scent actually),  to prevent excessive sweat during my busy work days and just generally in my life.  I have not come across anything else that works as well.

Moving on …

This is thing right ..  I am a little toughy. I can handle the most disgusting of things and still be standing. In chaos and blood I will keep my cool, render you first aid and call for help. I am your woman.

BUT the one thing that will have me fall to my knees every single time,  is a bad smell. Mostly of the human kind. I can tell you that I have fainted because of a body odour stench.

Grocery shopping is a major issue for me. The lack of personal hygiene in others has me repulsed. I have been known to just leave my trolley in the aisle and go to a different grocery store because of it.  I dream of online shopping.  Alas, in this country town I maybe waiting another eon.

Now, I realise this must seem like a weird correlation right now but why is it that common sense is like deodorant, the people that most need to use it don’t?

Gah!  How on earth do we change that?  Or we don’t?  We just ensure our pits aren’t pongy and move right on 😉

I put a formal complaint into my Local Member for Parliament today about the whole crazy car trashing event.  I will let you know how it all goes.




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