Daddy Day Care

25 June, 2012


Mr MMM is on holidays …

That could mean only one thing.

Daddy Day care.

Many Mummy’s might cringe … Me on the other hand? Nope!

I took off out of the house at 7.15am with a spring in my step and a giggle in my belly.

Poor luv … He thinks he knows his son. But really .. To know his son is to spend long periods of time with him to get the best feeling of ‘knowing’.

I came home on my breastfeeding/lunch break to no tears.. From Mr MMM or Lil D.

However, Lil D had spent a couple of hours with his Day Care Mummy whilst Mr MMM painted our bedroom in preparation for our new wardrobe.

So the test was the remainder of the afternoon…when the afternoon sleep fight was due.

20 mins left of lunch and I smelt poo.

My que to leave as he does to me frequently.

I made sure when I got to the front door I suggested I could smell a dirty nappy..

Then leapt out the door … To Mr MMM squealing.

Ha! Suck it up darling.

Daddy Day Care should be a 2 week statutory obligation every 12 months and no other day care or baby sitters should be allowed either.

Call it bonding… Call it getting to ‘know’ the kids.

(I did arrive home at 4pm to 2 happy doodles …luv em I do xx)

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