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Date Night – And On The Verge Of Saying….I don’t have anything to wear.

16 February, 2013

In under 3 hours Mr MMM and I are going out with 5 other adults to eat a 4 course meal at our local cafe come restaurant for the evening.

It is one of those holy crap moments where all the moons have some how aligned and not thrown a meteorite our way to ruin our plans. (Sorry Russia… that must of bloody hurt having a bit of space rock flung at you yesterday)

So why am I sitting here not able to work out what to wear? Who knows. Maybe part of me thought we wouldn’t be able to attend and therefore now we can, I am in shock and clueless as to how adults dress after hours. God for bid it has been years since we had dinner out.

I should have something. My wardrobe is quiet ermmmm expansive maybe is the best description. There is an assortment of mess/clothing on the bed and nothing is really coming together the way I would like it.

I asked Mr MMM what he thought and all he could say was wear whatever makes you happy. Well actually Mr MMM at this point I am so used to wearing PJ’s as the sun goes down…these would make me happy. IT may however mean we would be blacklisted for any other adult dinner parties in the future.

Does anyone else have this problem? Stuck in a fashion rut where you wear the same sorts of things day in day out that throwing a night out into the equation means the possibility of a little meltdown? Gosh I hope I am not the only one. Cause Mr MMM maybe right about me otherwise. I think he says…I am special. Not in a sweet way either. In a patronising sorryful way. Is sorryful a word? Maybe not.

Yes so..I am on Pinterest. Here are my selections.



Thank you Polyvore for these little ensembles. Thank you Pinterest for helping me gather some composure.

I think I may have an idea of what I need to throw together now. Obviously jeans and jacket with a nice pair of heels are where my happiness will lay tonight.

Right…its BYO. Must fly and find some plonk.

ps. what do grown ups talk about when out to dinner? eeeek…it has been soooo long.

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  • Aunty Mogg16 February, 2013 at 7:14 pm

    Enjoy! Looking forward to tomorrow’s detailed blog about your ‘adult’ night out!

    • Mrs MMM17 February, 2013 at 7:06 am

      Lol … I may of blogged a little already about something that found me after we left the restaurant 😉

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