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The Day I Won A Pair Of FRANKiE4’S

6 March, 2014

I never win anything. I run plenty of competitions on this blog but it has been many years since I actually had my luck come forward.

That was until I entered a FRANKiE Footwear competition to win a pair of FRANKiE4 shoes a couple of months ago. As a result I am the proud owner of a pair of FRANKiE’s from their new range.

I think I texted everyone in my phone to tell them. Then posted it all over my Facebook page. If my gang didn’t already know about Frankie4’s … they did after that 😉

By chance if you are unaware as to what the whole FRANKiE4 shoe revolution is about and you missed my happy dance when I won a pair, let me brief you now.

FRANKiE4 shoes are on trend ladies shoes designed by an Australian Podiatrist and Physiotherapist. To say these shoes fit well would be an understatement. These shoes actually change your life, they help you walk better, reduce fatigue and have your feet forgetting all the steps they have taken by the end of the day.

Untitled design-3

You can have your own personalised orthotics fitted into them if you need or alternatively each pair comes with a range of custom footbeds to help you get the absolute perfect fit for your feet.

For anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet, this range of shoes are BLISS. So yes, I am looking at you Mummy’s. Don’t disregard the kilometres you travel each day just because you are at home with the kids. Your feet and over all well being is just as important!

Untitled design-4


Previous to winning my new FRANKiE4’s, I had been wearing a gorgeous pair of red FRANKiE4’s to work. So I speak from experience with these shoes when I write here today. They are freaking awesome!

They tick all of my boxes and I guarantee they will yours too.

This season’s range even has boots. Yup…boots. One of my most favourite things in the whole world. BOOTS.

Ahhhhh happy feet.




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  • Amber7 March, 2014 at 1:11 pm

    Well i must invest in some of those!!!..sounds great for me. High arches mean i do really well in heels but flat shoes are not my friend which sucks when i spend most of the time on tiled floors….and while hanging washing and wiping noses in heels all day would be great for my calves its probably a strange look paired up with casual mummy clothes.

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