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Did The Kitty Scratch You Little Man?

6 January, 2013

‘No Mummy bite me’

Yeap these were the words my 20 mth old son announced to everyone in the chemist this morning.

Dying of embarrassment was my first option, but I quickly had to reassess this when I looked at the lady’s face who had asked him if his kitty had scratched his face. It was the look of … ‘Oh really.. You poor poor little boy. I will save you.’

Rewind 10 mins earlier when Lil D was in my arms while I investigated different flea treatment for our cats… He was getting sick of standing still and distraction wasn’t working. That’s when he did it.

He bit me.

It is no secret that our son has become a biter. I have read plenty on how to stop it and had plenty of advice on the subject but nothing has worked … So I just attempt to preempt the chomp.

Clearly this doesn’t always work and we have some battle wounds. Today in the chemist was no different.

What has changed is his response after he bites. It is always to blame the person he has bitten for biting him. Always with the same manipulating little face that is suggestive of an abused child.

Anyway, I showed the lady the perfectly formed bite on the inside of my arm and I swear she still thought I bit him.

I didn’t and the scratch on his face was from him throwing himself around being a boy.

So my question is … If I am in a public toilet with my son standing in the cubicle with me whilst I relieve my bladder and he announces on the top of his lungs ‘Mummy Poo’… Do you believe him?

Yes this may or may not of happened and yes I did wait until I thought all toilets were vacated before I stepped out.

It’s a tricky one huh…to believe that the chatty toddler is being bitten and made stand in a toilet with his mother doing a poo OR realise the Mother is doing the best she bloody can and a stranger never knows the whole GOD DAMN FREAKIN story.

Anyone else relate?


Ps. Meet Pepper (above pic)..1 of 2 new Cattys we have. She is currently flea ridden but doesn’t SCRATCH. Would hate for Pepper to be tagged as a scratchy catty as I am a bitey Mummy.

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  • Aunty Mogg6 January, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    I can relate to your toilet experience – I had the ‘pleasure’ often of exporting a sweet little miss to the toilet at every option she could – am sure at one stage she had to try every loo in every shopping centre!! She would always announce to any nearby co habitants exactly what Aunty Mogg was up to!!! Gotta live those toddlers!!

  • Mrs MMM6 January, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    I cringe at the knowledge of knowing I know this little toddler too 😉

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