Did They Get The Wrong Person?

20 November, 2013

It has been quite a number of years since I last caught a plane to anywhere. Prior to Miss I’s arrival I was one of the many young Aussies that take up the opportunity to head to the UK to work and travel. So I took many flights around the world and had a ball.

Remember Aunty Carly, the time we pretended to be Kylie and Dani Minogue? Who were we bullshitting? Those poor Nigerians.

These days we don’t venture to far from home with our two refluxers.

Right now, I am sitting on a plane waiting for take off. ALL BY MYSELF.

My shoes have rubbed my ankle and I need a bandaid. Couldn’t find one for love nor money at Brisbane Airport. WTF?

One kid at home has stated she has a sore throat and cannot go to school but then given the option of staying home has gone to school. WTF? Are you testing me gorgeous one?

So I am on this plane right. I got the window seat. Tracey our hostie has shown us how to do all the safety stuff. (To the man next to me that didn’t watch .. Lucky I did. You may need my help)

In an hour and a bit I will be touching down in Sydney. Then have to navigate my way to a special location for a launch of a new and fabulous camera.

Hang on … Did they get the right blogger? Did they mean to ask someone else? I mean I will work hard and do it some justice but do they realise I live in the sticks and take up a very unassuming position in society.

Speaking of that. I have just come OUT at work about my blogging. I was nervous about what my colleagues would think. But I work with mostly awesome humans and they think it is way cool. Thanks for that people. You know who you all are.


Shit the last time I flew I blacked out on take off and landing with a kid on my lap.

Ok all good.

So I am a tad nervous.

Wouldn’t you be? Like I would never of given up the experience because of it all but bloody hell, Mrs W put the wind up my sails and said … What if someone plants drugs on you?

Well Mrs W. I think I am clean and after a nice rub down by a Tongan airport hottie I am also clear of explosives! (Last week maybe not .. That PMT had me spitting dynamite)

I guess what I really wanted to say in this post was to dream big. Who knows where it could take you. I started this blog when I was so bloody sad and isolated.

I didn’t start it to be able to get on a plane and meet some cool people and learn about amazing new things. I started it as a way to survive.

It worked.

Life can be so darn awesome and full of great opportunities.

You may just need to put yourself out there and be prepared to look like a dick sometimes.

Ok turbulence … Fuck off.

Deep breathes Mrs MMM, planes rarely fall out of the sky in Oz. Thanks Lord G for planting that seed in my head.

Here is something I have shared before but thought it was appropriate seeing these lyrics go around and around in my head when I am feeling a little overwhelmed, lost or doubtful.

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  • Ashlee20 November, 2013 at 9:06 am

    Have fun Mrs MMM.

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