What You Been Doin Lately Mrs MMM?

17 February, 2014

I haven’t been writing many posts of the personal nature lately have I?  Behind the scenes, I have been focussed on a little bit of self development which is all in an attempt to be more organised, stronger, happier and maybe just a bit more kick arse?

You may of gotten some idea of this from my Post on Saturday which was hell interesting to read back to myself the following day.  Queen D was absolutely gobsmacked at my outlandish dropping of the F-Bomb.  But I told him to get over it.  So he did, in that have another fucking gin and roll his eyes sorta way.

You see, I have felt that what is holding me back from my goals with my online business is all in my head.  I have a self fulfilling prophecy that I am just not good enough .  When really I want to be good enough, in fact I want to be more than good enough. I want to be ultimately proud of myself and confident as to who I am.

So right now I am sitting in between all that and let me tell you this … it is hell messy.

So what sort of self development exactly have you been doing? I hear you all ask.

Well, firstly, let me introduce you to Jana Kingsford from Mums Juggling Act.  This lady is one switched on little lass, and she also runs the Mums Juggling School.  I enrolled in her 31 Days To Unjuggle Your Juggling Act online course a month ago.  I was so taken with this fast talking, fresh faced, down to earth woman, mother, blogger, business owner that I really hung on her every word.  She really is a treasure trove of awesome tips and advice, backed up by her own successes.  (she does squats in the shower!! genius…absolute genius)

I listen to Jana’s videos when I am at the gym late at night, peddling away or when I am laying down next to little people helping them off to sleep.  Don’t have a heart attack or anything, but I have even started planning out my week in my calendar on my laptop.   Even though, I haven’t embraced this fully, it is still a huge step for me and I am managing to keep to it.  

I highly recommend Jana’s courses, ebooks and blogs even if you are just home being a Mum at the moment, without all the other added complexities of employment or businesses.

So that is one thing I have been up to. 

The other thing is, a lovely bloggy friend of mine (Melissa from Sugar Coat It) pointed me in the direction of In Spaces Between last week.  How I didn’t know about this beautiful woman and lovely blog I have no idea.

I honestly think I have my head up my own arse sometimes , as I have been dancing around her social media circles, but yet completely missed finding her blog.  So thank you Suger.

I spent the weekend reading Rachel Macdonald and Tara Bliss’s ebook, Spirited.  It is almost like the universe threw all of this at me late last week when I was feeling at an absolute loss creatively.  Self doubt was rife and the old grumpy Gayel alter ego was telling me to shut up, shut down and just continue to work for someone.  Spirited is speaking my language right now.  It is throwing thoughts my way I would never of been game to explore.  Already it has made me a little stronger.

Now, that brings me to today.  The day I finally got a chance to catch up with a beautiful friend who took time out recently to heal her mind, body and soul.  She wasn’t in a great place the last time I saw her and I remember thinking, I hope the next time I see you it isn’t for a final good-bye.  Yes that is how scary and sad the situation was.  Anyway, we drank coffee this afternoon, we laughed and joked about the crazy world we live in and what we had both learnt over the last year.  Her more so me.  Her strength and stoicism has me in awe.  You watch this space, she is going to kick some arse very soon.

So that is what I have been up to just lately.

It has taken a very long time to have the confidence to pay myself with some healing and tools to take on life in a better way.  In actual fact, it is possibly all the negativity that I have dealt with since before Christmas that has pushed me to the here.

The anxiety mostly.


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  • Maxabella6 March, 2014 at 10:10 am

    We are all just so darn hard on ourselves, it’s unbelievable. While I agree that ‘self help’ stuff can be a balm for some, I also think it can be like pouring antiseptic on the wound. Antiseptic because it can be so ‘THIS is the way to live your life’. It’s all about comparison – someone telling you that the way they live their life is somehow more switched on, more exciting and just better than your own. A comparison by someone who PRETENDS to have it all together so well but is probably bawling their eyes out while they do their squats in the shower. I mean, squats in the shower? I’d rather just enjoy a nice shower. x
    Maxabella recently posted…That one thing you didn’t doMy Profile

    • Mrs MMM6 March, 2014 at 10:24 am

      Hey Maxabella 🙂 I agree that lack of authenticity in many self help programs causes massive issues with unrealistic goals and then feelings of failure when we don’t manage to attain what we hope to gain. I guess you can go into these things and attempt to live just the way the ‘self help guru’ sprooks, or you can just steal aspects of their repertoire that fits well into your life. As for squats in the shower … I do them. Oh yes I do. When I am scrubbing the bloody thing!

  • Jana17 March, 2014 at 5:26 am

    HI beautiful!

    You should share this in the Mums Juggling School page. It’s soooo fun. Actually I will.

    Hehehehehe I get that not everyone gets me. It comes from a place of love. I just know that trusting someone to give you the shortcuts is the surest way to feeling your best. Life can be fun and fulfilled and totally productive.

    P.S Maxabella What’s wrong with crying!? There’s nothing weak about crying, doesn’t mean we have no value to share because we cry sometimes, nor does it mean we are broken or we have nothing to teach. My girls know the good, bad and the ugly, I don’t hide anything, but I do share all the lessons I’ve learned and the things that I do 80% of the time to feel the absolute best I can and do the absolute best I can. Yes I cry in the shower instead of squatting sometimes. But we’re only human right. Sometimes I do squats in the shower, sometimes not. On the days where I’m tired and getting all up in my head, I squat.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful insights about MJS. I’ve loved having you in class. Can’t wait to chat more.

    Love Jana xx
    Shower squats and all!

    • Mrs MMM17 March, 2014 at 9:58 pm

      Hi Jana!

      A very big thank you for having me in class. I very much enjoyed it and it brought be back to the more organised me in my home life that I lost somewhere along the road of Motherhood. Life is busy and if I take one thing from MJS it is to grab opportunities to get stuff done. Striking a balance in being a Mum and having some time for Me to achieve has always been a battle, MJS has certainly helped me get organised so the stuff in my heart can flow on out …

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