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Don’t Care, I Have My Own Agenda

13 July, 2013

Last week I was trying to gather some assurance that a couple ideas I had for my future and the future of this blog were viable.

Turns out I was wasting my time.

For a long while I felt like a fool and hurt.

Then it occurred to me. Why do I give a fuck?

I requested advice and in return got disrespect. It wasn’t constructive just in a rude sense passive.

Small town, small state, small country shit. Don’t be a tall poppy, or you are bound to get PICKED.

Who would of thought that you do not need a university degree to WRITE shit on the Internet and have others read and enjoy it?

Crap! If I had of thought that I would still be in my lounge room corner,rocking.

So I guess all this lack of reassurance has taught me this …

I do not need affirmation from others to be confident in my next move. I just need to move. Those nearest nod their heads to me and be fucked if I am looking back to see what the others are doing.

Ever feel like that?

Ps. Thank you to the person that rang me this week to tell me how much they liked my blog. I WRITE for people like you.


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  • Tina14 July, 2013 at 9:14 am

    Love reading your posts!!

  • Aunty Mogg14 July, 2013 at 9:45 am

    The reason I love your blog – it’s real! About you & yours & a life that’s real!

    I will admit when you’ve told me you were wanting to change direction I didn’t know why or what I should say so I maybe guilty of not coming across as supportive… I know you and coz I know you so well I can honestly say everything you write is from your heart and that comes thru every time you write! Just keep doing it your way, wherever your heart leads you – and I will keep reading!

  • Rebecca14 July, 2013 at 12:40 pm

    I come here to read your blog because I find that no matter what your humour shines thru no matter the circumstance your going thru. And I will still read no matter which direction you take. I think I said t you that day we met that this town is the worst for being harsh and judgemental. So in agreeanxe with you they can just go f@&k themselves.

    Don’t stop writing xx

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