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Don’t Sweat It – In Collaboration with Rexona

10 June, 2014

Isn’t excessive sweat just the MOST DISGUSTING THING?

I was once so conscious of excessive sweating that a can of deodorant went everywhere with me.

Even at the gym where it is completely acceptable to be a sweety betty, I would find excessive perspiration uncomfortable and embarrassing.  Mrs W sadly always had to tolerate much of my stench whenever we would grace the gym together.


Clearing the gym with my arm extensions.


Causing Mrs W to take cover after I lifted an arm. 


 Mrs W about to take off after I exposed a stink pit to take a selfie. 

A few months ago my arm pits become very irritated from all of the deodorants being rubbed into them .  It was bound to happen with all of this working out I was doing.  That then made for some very angry sweat pits that seemed to sweat even more.  IIIICK.

So I started to use Rexona Clincal Protection to prevent excessive sweat.  I cannot imagine ever using any other deodorant now. It provides me with all the perspiration protection I need to be the busy woman I have become.

I took a little crowd survey on the MMM Facebook page last week, asking what you all used on your sweat pits. Most of you came back with Rexona Clinical Protect too.  Phew.  I was right.  It really is the best product to prevent excessive sweat.  Some even agreed with me that you can sometimes get away with using it every second day instead of every day .. because it is just so darn good.

There is one little catch though.  You have to apply it before bed at night time

Now you know that I won’t collaborate with just anyone on this site.  The product has to be great and of use to you.  So here I am saying ladies.  If you hate dealing with excessive sweat … this is your stuff!



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