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My Dream Home – In Collaboration With Monier

21 April, 2014

Mr MMM and I bought this modest old timber Queenslander of ours 4 years ago this very week.  We moved in the day before Miss M’s birthday and had a zillion plans for renovations.

Renovations slowed as I become pregnant with Lil D that same year and then they completely ceased due to our little boy being unwell for the first 2 years of his life. We have since come to accept renovations will recommence when we have the finances and time.  Until then, we embrace the character of our home.

That doesn’t stop me complaining about the downsides of living in an old timber home.   Insulation from the extremes of weather and noise is rubbish and the nature of a timber home means that there is always something requiring maintenance or repair.

With winter fast approaching, my priority to keep my family warm certainly ends up costing us a small fortune in heating expenses.

To be completely honest with you, despite my devotion to this house, I do dream of up’ing camp and moving into a modern home with all the mod cons  and the latest in environmental efficiency.

So I have explored our options a little and yes even admitting to that feels a little like BLASPHEMY.


Apart from being an absolutely ridiculous day dream, that post made me long for simplicity again.  Modern homes are not only extremely environmentally efficient, they are very functional in just so many ways.

So I entertained the idea of my dream home on the Monier Colour Touch website.   I created my own amazing dream home. (see the picture above… that is my creation.) The windows above the garage is where MMM Headquarters will run.

Along the way I also learnt a little bit about Monier’s terracotta roofing tiles.    Who would of thought, by carefully selecting your roofing materials so much could be gained?  I certainly didn’t.

* Terracotta tiles are the highest quality roofing tile available.

* They are impervious to the effects of frost and ice (very important where I live).

* They will not rust. crack, warp or corrode and are rain water tank safe.

* Terracotta tiles are salt safe, so perfect for seaside locations.

* Terracotta tiles assist in keeping unwanted noise out of your home.  (so no more issues with noisy neighbours!)

Now my friends, you are as knowledgeable on terracotta roofing tiles as I am.  So if by chance you are ever in the market for a new roof or a brand new house, you too can astonish all and sundry with the facts on Monier Terracotta Tiles.

Now tell me, are you currently living in your dream home or still dreaming of your dream home (like me)?

Also, do I need a black pussy to go with my Monier roof on this dream house of mine?  I think so.  In honour, I shall call her Monie.





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  • marilyn21 April, 2014 at 11:08 pm

    looks good – has street appeal

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