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Facing Your Fears

15 September, 2013

Excuse me for a moment. I am going to get deep.

To the person a little while ago who asked Mr MMM if he was married to the snobby bitch (at my workplace). You are wrong. He is married to that bitch I just despise the snobby bit.

It is a front. It is how I deal with what I do in my everyday job and how I deal with the person inside of me that is shy and suffers from a nasty little case of anxiety at least 6 days out of 7.

I am quite friendly and loyal once you get to know me. I just tend to not have a very friendly face.

Over the years, the anxiety has improved. My big hard arse roar voice told it to back off and that my kids needed to be fed, so I had to go to the grocery store and that I did have to sometimes enter the school gates and do stuff without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack or my brain just over thinking every single encounter.

While I have gotten better I have still hung out in my safety zone. Never in a million years would I of thought I would be ok to attend a conference like Problogger.

But I did.

I did so mainly because Mr MMM kept kicking me in the arse every time I tried to back out. Still it didn’t stop me feeling like running away when I entered a packed room of over 400 bloggers on that first day not really knowing a single soul in real life.

The universe shined on me that morning. Steph from Sass Mouth Mama sat down next to me. I had read her blog and whilst I didn’t recognise her it took about 2 minutes for us to realise we had similar blogs.

With Steph, Theresa from The Ladida and Katherine from Through My Looking Glass I rolled in through the conference and had a marvellous time.

So that brings me to right now. We are on our way home. I have a self-confessed Bloggers Hangover. My symptoms include the fear that I made a complete twat of myself, a feeling I want to lay low for a few days in a quiet, darkened room with no visitors and absolute exhaustion. I want to take a nap but my mind is still over analysing each and every encounter.

I am saying this one quote over and over in my head.

Getting out of your comfort zone is where sparks fly ~ Darren Rowse



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  • Steph15 September, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    I am SO glad you cowboyed up and made it to the conference! It was fantastic to meet you and hang out, even if you did try to convince me that snake was the new black. xx

    • Mrs MMM16 September, 2013 at 6:36 am

      I met some of the best people in that pipeline room Steph :). Must send you all of your snake pics they are hilarious.

  • stacey15 September, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    Wow ive read your blog a few times in the past and i wouldnt have guessed you suffer from anxiety too..I can completely relate to everything you just wrote. Anxiety sucks, keep trying! I am 🙂

    • Mrs MMM16 September, 2013 at 6:49 am

      Hi Stacey, The irony for me is that I keep pushing through it and then feel terrible afterwards. I genuinely like interacting with others it just seems my body doesn’t. Thanks for reading my blog.

  • Danielle15 September, 2013 at 9:31 pm

    I also suffer major social anxieties, and I suppose some people could consider me snobby due to being shy! It is a common misconception, you and your blog have come a long way since those countless sleepless nights with colic and chronic reflux in both your little ones! I love reading your fb posts and blogs! And I hate entering the school gates!!! My little ones have only about 100 kids max at any one moment and even that’s hard enough – a conference room full of pro bloggers would have had me drinking a few wines pre during and post sessions!!! Well done and thank you for helping other mums like me who go through similar modern mummy madness!

    • Mrs MMM16 September, 2013 at 6:55 am

      Thank you for always being about Danielle :). I just love having your perspective on things. I think motherhood automatically makes us prone to anxiety. We take so much on and our bodies go through so many changes . I am on a mission to find some natural remedies to kick it in the arse!

  • Lisa Barton-Collins17 September, 2013 at 5:50 pm

    I wish we had of connected on the Thursday night so I could give you a big cuddle! It was so lovely meeting you at the conference and I hope we catch up again soon. I have Conference Hangover too…have you seen that group shot that contains me, Suger Coat It, Redcliffe Style, Vegemite Vix and Defined Style? They look like glamorous, lovely ladies, and I look like an absolute crazy woman! Hugs to you, Lovely xx
    Lisa Barton-Collins recently posted…VIP Bar School at Fix Bar, Hilton Surfers ParadiseMy Profile

    • Mrs MMM17 September, 2013 at 9:12 pm

      Yes Lisa…we arrived so late after the pop up event, I didn’t get down to the Stingray until after you had all left I think. I love that pic of you in the photo booth! It was like glam meets crazy. All you needed in that pic was Dazza the surf lifesaver from Thargaminda . (of which a reader of mine has recognised as her son’s sporting coach) Definitely must catch up soon! I need to know how Mrs BC does chaos at her house 🙂

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