Have You Finished Your Christmas Shopping?

17 December, 2014
Christmas shopping


Christmas is only a week away and if you’re feeling a little under-prepared in the presents department, then don’t worry… are not alone!


I used to hit the Big W toy sale mid-year and put all the Christmas presents for the kids on lay buy.


Super organised, all planned, just the way I like it!


For me this worked well till the kids reached about 7 years of age. Then all those toys got a little too babyish and I had to change my game plan.


Now I start putting gifts away from about August onwards, books, clothes and other things on sale.


Then usually about this time of year I take the plunge and hit the shops.


While I dislike the idea of dealing with the public to do my Christmas shopping, I guess I’ve come to the conclusion that it has to be done.


Heaps of places are having great Christmas sales, and it’s nice to wander and find something for your child that is “them”.


We generally purchase one major item, then fill the Christmas sacks with smaller items such as iTunes cards, batteries for the Wii, water bottles, board games and of course, socks and undies!


I also have a detailed list and fairly strict budget to help me.


As to whether to shop locally or online……that’s is always the question.  I tend to do both.


Where do you do your Christmas shopping?



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