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24 May, 2012

Ok the time has arrived to reveal my thoughts on those silver superhero Fitflop Supertones that have graced my feet of late.

I am not going to beat around the bush. They are fantastic.

At the end of a Fitflop FF Supertone day my feet are less fatigued and my body in general feels like it could be up for a few more Superhero Mummy Mayhem tricks (yes even after arsenic hour).

In the past, I have often bought the trendy little flatties that are on sale and wore them everywhere.
However, at the end of a long Superhero Mummy Mayhem day, where many hours have been on my feet running around, I am aching all over and exhausted…errmm and grumpy therefore.

After two weeks of wearing the Fitflops somedays and then not on other days, I can happily say they are worth every cent. The days with Fitflops flew by with ease. The days without…meh 🙁

I generally wore them around my home and outside chasing the kids. I did have to get a run up in them one morning on the school run (one of those forgotten lunch box moments) and this was no problem. (Even with my funny knees that can hurt almost instantly with any sort of running)

They are a wider fit which would suit some feet better. They took no time to wear in and feel super comfy.

I wore them mostly with my jeans and track pants. They certainly suited my comfy Mummy style and I can even say Miss M and her Bestie said ‘they are cool shoes’…(considering their self professed love for fashion I was pretty chuffed.) 🙂



So, if you have learnt to appreciate your feet …maybe the hard way like moi…go and try a pair of Fitflops on. You wont walk away without them 🙂

Come summer, I also look forward to replacing my usual rubber things with a pair of Fitflop sandals….but there is sooo many styles….which pair to choose?

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