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21 October, 2013

We bought this little old house about 3.5 years ago now. We had big plans for it.

Then I fell pregnant and spent a large amount of time hanging out over the toilet bowl.

Possibly due to the fact I willingly flogged myself during the 2011 floods, helping out in my workplace wherever I could I ended up having to start maternity leave early or fear having a prem baby.

So our big plans for the house ceased as we watched every cent while we waited for the sale of other properties we owned

Then Lil D arrived and by golly that whole reflux thing hung us out to dry. We were flat out caring for ourselves whilst we cared for the kids let alone renovate a house.

So it is with the greatest of pleasures that work has commenced again on our little old house. Just painting so far but Mr MMM is doing a smashing effort of sealing all of the tongue and groove walls prior to painting tediously with a paint brush. Yes it maybe taking ages but man it looks great.

We have some small renos planned for the near future which should see all kids with a bedroom of their own and maybe more light coming into the lounge/dining room.

The major dreamy works must wait until The Golden Casket office deposit the large sum of money we believe we are due however.

All good though. It may not be flash and the dust may drive me troppo at times but it is ours and once it is all finished it will be even more ours.

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