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Getting Ready For Back To School.

26 January, 2015
back to school

Are you looking forward to sending the children back to school?

I know many mums and dads who prefer the holidays over the school terms.

Purely for the fact that there is less to get organised, no lunches to pack, notes to read (and remember) or school drop off to try and get to on time!

Having said that, I think by about week 5 or 6 of the Christmas school holiday period, they are secretly in agreement with most parents thoughts……”how long till school starts again?”

There’s so much to get sorted for school each year, new books, uniforms, bags, hats, shoes etc….it can add up to a lot of time spent organising and purchasing these things.

At our house we love the ordering of school supplies with one simple form.

The school sends it home at the end of the year and you basically tick and flick which items you want to purchase.  Some years we buy the lot, other s (like this year) we had a fair bit of “leftovers”, so didn’t need to buy quite as much.

In terms of convenience it is super!  My partner and I both work full time and getting the books sorted this way is really easy.

In terms of cost, you could probably shop around to save a little, but for us it’s not worth it given the amount of time we save….i.e. the lack of time we have to bother with it!

Luckily we are reusing the school bags, lunch boxes, hats and most of the uniforms from last year so it has been reasonably stress free.

This weekend will involve shoe shopping and haircuts to start a fresh 2015 school year.

The kids are all pretty excited to get back to school in a week or so.  Nothing better than sending them while they are enthusiastic!

We’ll see how they feel after about a month I guess.

I suppose all that’s left is to clear space on the front of the fridge for the countless newsletters and notes that will no doubt come home shortly!

How do you do “back to school”?

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  • Malinda @mybrownpaperpackages27 January, 2015 at 6:41 pm

    I am a first time school mum so everything is new and exciting and daunting all at the same time.

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